types of small business ideas for women that they can start today

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Are you a lady or a woman looking for a way you can be your own boss? Are you thirsty to make an extra income even though taking for your family?

In this article i will go through some of the chance that you you can take chances on and thrive in your own terms.

This article you will not find anything that you want but i guarentee you that some of the information in here will help kickstart that dream you have been dream of starting a business and maybe later quit your job.

If you dont have a job any of this business can now be your source of income.
let`s go into it ?

1.fashion and design

Are you a lady with a good eye for fashion products may it be men’s clothes, bridal wear, sportswear, women’s clothes, kids’ accessories or clothes, shoes, necklaces? If you are a lady this business waiting for you. Fashion and design don`t need much of you. What you need to do is to take a niche that you love most may it beside men or women and stick to it.

Launch and market your business online or offline make posters and flyers, start a website, market in social media, and create engagement. this business is mostly populated with ladies and it absolutely fit them.

2.cake baking

Cake baking is another business that you can start from any place that you might. You can start your cake business from the compound or you take some steps and rent a space if you have good starting capital.

cake baking starting capital can differ from person to person depending on your goals and plans. The first thing you need to do is to register your business with the needed authority. Next, you need to have the certificate of the health and safety measures for proper working progress.

Researching is essential for every business that started, this makes sure that you are at the top of the game may it be in marketing or even the prices

After been registered are now take a niche you love baking for and practice how to model them and also be willing to put in the time to be able to have the best for the market.

3.start a smokies and chapati business


Smokies and chapati business is another business that can fit any lady who is ready and has an

interest in this. This business can make become your own in a short period of time. What you require is a vending cart that you can get in your nearby jua kali. Other requirements like kachumbari,coriander leaves (dania), onions and more items.

If you take your vending machine near bus stops, near hospitals or any place where they are has high traffic and major stop zones your business will move. Always be aware of the authorities who might hunt you in demand for a share like a county council. just know you need to pay a little amount and have peace of mind you learn your business.

4.English tutoring

This goes hand in hand with content creation.
Back then in high school or primary school ladies would always top in this subject while their male counterparts would not.

If you are ready and you have better English than mine, hahaha you can create a business out of this.
you can start teaching this subject online or just in your locality and with time you are able to create a brand.

Teaching international students online who want to learn the language you can do it online from platforms like udemy.com that will help sell your course.
English teaching is in high demand especially from Chinese students who are mostly shifting to African countries for better opportunity of work.


5.content creation

Since I was a small kid I have always live to be told ladies have the best handwriting and many gents would end up just writing anyhow for it has been said so.
There is kind of truth in that, ladies are in far-fetching content more than men and this makes anyone who has some interest in this just to take a leap of faith to be able to start and make a business in this.

content is largely in demand and your writing can be helpful to bloggers, social media managers who are looking for content.
some of the places to market yourself like Upwork. Iwriter, writers hub, freelancers are some of the known places you can market yourself and create a business from home.

6.start a wine and spirit shop

This is another lucrative business in kenya mostly for ladies.This business depending on the location that you set it up it will always bring cash flow into your pocket.

Before you you open your liquar businesss there are few licences you require for you to get started at any part of the country.

one of the license that you require is a brewers licence that is for the one who want to produce his own brand, wholesale for the one who want to sell to the retailers and a retailers licence for who want to opon and sell to the consumers directly.

Open your business where there is much traffic and also avoid near schools as it is against the law.

Finanly decide on the size of the shop as a shop with awider space will make more people to come to your shop and relax there taking some sips.

7.start a youtube channel

Did you know by just having videos on youtube you can make a living?

If you are a lady you can just create a youtube e channel and forget and forget to do important setting that enables you to rank your video content.

With youtube you can just create any kind of videos that you like may it be singing or any funny videos or just anything.

use tools like tubebbuddy to increase views or even suscribers ,tools like canva to make good thumbnails and other tools which are premium which you will know as go by.

To get monetized on youtube you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

8.Start a daycare business in your locality

This goes without saying ladies or even have always good hands with children. Ladies this business you can start from home without needing to even rent a space.

Due to the rise of working mothers or even early pregnancies, you can take advantage of this and set up a business on this.
children will always be born and your business will never stop maybe just because of the competition.

9.selling of clothes (mitumba)

This is another business that fit with ladies.

The good thing about this business is that you don’t

much capital to start but depending on your needs and interest capital might


To start a mitumba business you need first to identify the people or even the location you are selling checking the demographic and the kind of ages around you.

For example,

if you are selling near universities or colleges clothes like jackets,

coats can be good for that market. Shoe types like sneakers can be very much profitable.

10.start a cyber cafe

Taking a look that we are at the information

age where the world has been made a global village. Setting up a cyber is another business that you can set.

Many people may want to use the internet every now and then but due to a lack of resources like an internet connection or even a laptop, this makes people want to visit the cyber cafe. Having opened a cyber cafe ,

including offering services like photocopying, graphic designs, typesetting you can different streams of income at the same place.

opening your business near an institution or even schools can make it thrive fast.


11.start a shop or a kiosk

This is one of the oldest businesses that is mostly known .this business has stiff competition from every corner may it be men, youth, or those who are retiring.
If you do your stocktaking and calculating your profit margin and checking your debtors well you never go at a loss.
with commitment and the urge to serve customers fast you can make some good profits.

some of the requirement you need is your business name, your county business permit, health certificate, and more certificate if probably you are in town like a car park if you have a car.
If you can start a shop and then incorporate things been an agent of an organization like Safaricom for Mpesa you can make a great fortune in it.

12.start a bar/club

This is another business that ladies do well. If you are one of them who like been around clubs or depending of where you were born you can aahead and start that club you have always been dreaming of starting.

Ensure your meet the requirement of your county council to prevent been in the wrong side. This is one the business that ladies can thrive .If you look many of the clubs many of those people who work they are ladies and this has been as a marketing genius for business people.

Most found int he club arer men and men are easily get the the attention of the bartender making men to buy more and more .

If you can set up a business in this you make huge profit with alittle capital and the things that will help get started like the music system which is esestial.


13.start a saloon

Saloon business is another very famous business in kenya .Mostly this kind of business is muchly dominated by ladies with few men coming in to join.This business is best with ladies so you dont to worry much of the competition that you might encounter .

I know you would not customers to come to you saloon and start complaining of the poor services you might be offering . Iknow you would your customers to remain in your list as the daily or monthly customers.

To promote professionalism you need some basic training and also benchmarking on what others who have already started .

some of the most known training colleges where you can some saloon classes like Jordan college. With a little creativity ,hardwork you can start and thrive



These are not only the business you can start there many other business out that you can start. The starting capital for all this business may differ depending on persons life desire and goals.

So it upto you to take further research like benchmarking which is one of the best way to get more ideas on the business one can start. You can also copy what others are doing ,don`t copy everything but improve.

This business are not only set to be done by Women but also anyone can start depending with your interest.

If you have more ideas of business that are best for women feel free to add them in the comment section.

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