Top 9 most popular and valuable cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that is not controlled by anyone.

The fiat currency is controlled by the government which can print more and reprints toned paper money.

Cryptocurrency has been decentralized anyone with any coin has equal opportunities whether the price is bullish or bearish.

It can be used to measure value and also can be used to pay for goods and services.

Cryptocurrency still is not yet accepted by many people as some have some negativity behind it thus not well taken serious.

There are so many cryptocurrencies and others are still coming to the market.

Some of these cryptocurrencies will have great returns in the future while some have still the potential to grow.

Here in this list, we are going to list some of the most known coins and still, they have value. 


This is the first-ever coin to be brought to the world. The inventor of bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan but he is not known where he stays.

It is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin price has been rising day to day basis. As by the writing of this, the price of bitcoin was ranging from 5.5 million to 6 million Kenya shillings.

Bitcoin is one of the coins that has attracted many investors to this new money.

Bitcoin is expected to be produced up to 21 million with over 18 million bitcoin in circulation currently marking over 80%. Bitcoin is behind the most powerful technology that is blockchain technology.

It is possible to hack this technology but you will not go far.


This is one of the coins that has used more technology than even bitcoin and has really invested much in the security of the coin.

A Russian-Canadian programmer who has also been able to contribute to other crypto projects successfully.

This coin also is deployed through blockchain technology. Unlike bitcoin, Ethereum uses smart contracts technologies to enable members to earn more ethereum.

3.Binance (BNB)

Since 2017 Binance coin has gained its popularity with more than 140000%. Binance can be used for booking travel arrangements, trading, or payment processing.


Dogecoin is a Cryptocurrency like any other. It also involves peer-to-peer transactions through a decentralized platform.

Dogecoin started as a joke in 2013. It was started and created by software engineers Billy Markus and his colleague Jackson palmer.

Like other cryptocurrencies, dogecoin also got much attention and much bullish in 2020 where many people from the world invested in the coin.

You can get this coin by buying it from crypto vendors or you can also mine it yourself.



Tether is one of the cryptocurrencies that are most stable compared to other coins. Its stability is made stable by having tied to us dollar thus referred to as USDT.

This is one of the coins that are best for investors or anyone who is much involved in transactions of day-to-day activities for it has been tied to the dollar.

Its value is always maintained at 1$ although thus been one of the less volatile cryptocurrencies.



Ripple is considered one of the most efficient and fastest transactions compared to the other decentralized altcoins for transactions.

It is also known as XRP. From 2017 to 2021 ripple has raised to almost 20%.

7.stellar (XLM)

Stelar serves as a bridge between banks, crypto, and blockchain networks. Stellar has been a decentralized network it can convert any fiat currency to be traded to all other channels.

8.Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is also a cryptocurrency which many people consider as a photocopy of bitcoin. Like bitcoin it also allows transactions of peer to peer to every corner of the world.

It began in 2017 after the split of their cousin bitcoin.

This currency allows one to receive and send cash at lower costs. Bitcoin cash has a large following although not much as that of bitcoin.



It was founded in 2016 by Gavin wood, former Co-Founder and CTO of Ethereum.


Since  2017 this coin has been on a bullish trend and it not showing any sign of it going bearish.

The future for cryptocurrency is bright and anyone who invests heavily will reap heavily.

In 2020 alone it has shown growth of 700%. This is also a good investment if you have some cash.

Which is your best cryptocurrency on the list?

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

3. BNB

4. Dogecoin

5. Tether

6. Ripple

7. Stellar

8. Bitcoin cash

9. Polkadot


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