18 best successful small business ideas in Kenya and the world

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There are so many small business ideas that you can start from or even from the place you would want. This list of the small business ideas that I am going to outline are not gimmicks or get-rich-quick ideas.

This business takes time, effort, patience, and other attributes required to be a successful entrepreneur in this world of reality TV. 

If you discipline yourself and have the patience to continue learning the skills in the business that will fit you and your experience you will be very far a Year from now.

If you are looking for a business idea that you can add to financial goals then go ahead keenly in this article.

You will not everything in this article and this gives you an opportunity to research or even benchmark to those who have already started and don’t fear benchmarking this is the best way to learn and reinvent your wheel.


1.online teaching

Many people when they hear about teaching what comes into their mind is an open class which we all went into, but in the 21st century with the advanced technology and applications like zoom it easy to learn in every parts of the country. Online teaching has really increased with the internet and platform like udemy where one can sell his course this become also a business that you can set up and make a living in it.

If you are knowledgeable in anything or have experience in a certain subject or even an activity you can start teaching people and make it a business with the help of the internet or even offline in your locality with the use of notes, voice, or even videos.

2.car hiring

If you have a car and you may be wondering why the hell did you buy it in the first place after the recent rapid rise in petrol prices this is a great business for you.

using your car for hire can bring some extra income into your pocket by just giving out at an agreed fee. If you have the car you take advantage of this and give out the car to the interested individual especially those who like much travelling and maybe there do not have the money to buy their own.

You can even decide to be a taxi driver during the rash hours like in the morning or the evening. Before giving out your car you should consider people with driving licenses not just anyone and also ensuring your insurance cover is up to date to avoid being on the wrong side with the authorities.

3.app/web designing

Considering we are at the information age where information is everywhere and it got by the one seeking it.

With the rise of technology, there is much demand for mobile apps that can provide value. Every organization and company is considering having a website and there are many people with these skills.

But they have just been just waiting for employment what you need to do is to create a brand. If you are knowledgeable,

fully equipped with skills of coding, HTML, CSS, or got an interest in this area this is a business that is not even saturated.

If you got the skills it time to wake up and market yourself massively because this is a huge business that you take a big cake if you create a brand.

If this sector has been your interest for some time and still wondering how to get there consider taking some action and taking a class.

Taking a class might cost you some money but once you get the skills this is an awesome business that time it can hugely pay good fruits.

4.courier services

Courier services is another business that get into and take your cake.Many people say that this business has monopolies but they will be always a cake for you.

There are different things to consider while engaging in this kind of business like size of your car , we might engage in this business with different type of cars like a nissan,bus,sallon,pick up or even a lorry .the size of your vehicle will determine the kind of services you will be offering.

You dont have to be delivering products only but also you decide just to be delivering messages to different offices in different towns.To make yourself stand out you can decide to be leaving flyers with your contacts there that people can just calling you if anyinng need to be transported.

5.providing cleaning services

If you like cleaning or you are just looking for a business idea may be providing cleaning services can go with your interest. This business requires just a few staff in which when starting there is no much work giving you a chance to start with your friends.

You can provide these services to homeowners or even commercial buildings in your locality or even your neighboring town according to how you market yourself . Considering cleanliness is second to Godliness building nearby especially building with offices and business this business work well.

You require a little bit of planning, hard work, and also stiff marketing online or even offline, you can consider going out with posters, flyers and with time it can grow to bigger business. With a few appliances like a washing machine, pressure washer, dry cleaners you are good to go.

6.digital marketing agency

The good thing about digital marketing is that everything is on the internet and it growing day by day and it not going to stop, in fact, the curve at which it going is going high and high.

In 2020 that when digital marketing grew that high and this was influenced by the pandemic which knocked the whole world and businesses had to shift all their work online to make sure they catch the fish.

If you have the knowledge in web design or even how to provide Facebook ads or even Instagram or any other social media network you can incorporate all this and set it up and start your business which is in high demand. Market yourself online or even offline by providing posters and other ways or even set your website to be seen faster.


Many of us when we were children we would always be busy maybe planting some flowers or even gardening something just near the house, like the editor of this article He likes making his compound just look beautiful with flowers which I don’t where He gets.

If you are like him you take this as a business whereby just providing this of gardening and making the land look beautiful can be your calling in the line of business. You can get these gigs from your neighboring estate or Maybe anyone around who works in a 9- 5 job and make his compound look good. You go ahead and check monthly whether the flowers in the compound are in shape every now and then and this becomes your business and with add some manpower .

8.have a real estate agency

If you go around some of the many estates around your locality you will find many of these banners of people claiming to be agents with this estate or the other. You can get into the business of a real agency considering that you are unique with different tactics that you gonna use.

Many rental owners who might be busy in your area might find it hard for them to keep showing the clients the house which is which, which they see as a waste of time, the same applies to clients who also might be busy going around the estate to estate looking for a house but instead consider going direct to the Agent.

This business can be good for you especially if you have people’s skills which you don’t have but just start.


Consulting is another business that you can start today and make your business. Consulting has been recently listed as one of the high-income  skill that you can develop in a short period and that is.

Let say your knowledge in programming, construction, medical field, or any other knowledge that you might have, you can start being a consultant at a fee and make a business with that and with time remain strong with the niche you can at the top.

10.daycare business

With the rise of many working mothers ,daycare business continues to rise making it possible for more and more business to open because everyone want his child to have quality daycare and this may make  it to widen up.

This business not only does it require passion or interest but also a calling.If you love been around children ,this can be a business that you can just from your home compound.This business is mostly consindered to be women dominance but also men can also get started in the business.

To promote professionalism you consider taking an ECD training to also create trust and provide an overall development of the children to the best you can both physically or even emotionally.

11.agriculture business

This is another huge business that neither slowing down or even stopping. With the continued increase in population people on the daily basis need food to eat.

IF you have a piece of land or even you can consider leasing one and start this business. If you can start the business and consider venturing into agriculture sectors like  Olericulture. pomology, poultry farming, or any agricultural food that mostly is good for people with diabetes, depression, stress, high blood pressure, or even foods for expectant mothers considering the kind of lifestyle today this can be a great business for you.

Other farming opportunities that are high in demand like rabbit farming, taking care of Red earthworm used in vermicomposting and mushroom farming are in high demand right now.

12.car wash business

Vehicles are one of the biggest purchases for business or even personal. Why you should start this business? many people who buy cars start with that mentality of I will maintain this car like nobodies business,

but with the time that power or even energy to wash the cars fades away, and there end up giving out some cleaning to their car.

if you can set up a business in this and in a good location you might end having all the cars in your area coming to your place for the cleaning.

This business requires some hard work, commitment, and effort especially if the cars I the line are many and you need to clean all.

Few appliances need like a pressure washer some few buckets, availability of water and some bar of soaps you can start the business. You can also employ some people or start a business with friends and your good to go.

It requires a little o market but depending on your location the business advertises itself.

13.become a photographer

Almost every week there is an event somewhere, may it be a wedding, graduation or even a party .many people want to capture those moments for remembrance.

One thing to consider when starting a photography business is the type of photography you going to start may it be a wedding, studio, or outdoor photo grapy.

The cost of starting photography depends on different factors like the type of photography you wanna start or even the cost of different appliances like the lenses, the camera, editing software, camera bag, etc 

All these items can get them in your local online stores or get them from your local dealers at a good price.

You can market this business online or even go for events just to e seen but once the wheel is reinvented your first customers will market it for you. with focus, and the right equipment, and a little creativity you can be the talk of the town.


14.blogging business

If you like Making money online this is another venture that you can start today. Blogging is a wide topic from using written content, video content to even voice content.

To get started in the written content you need a website you need to ask a website to design it for you, in video content you can just go to a youtube account and create a youtube channel and start creating videos.

this business takes time to start generating income but once it starts you will never be the same again. 

N:B This is a high-income skill

15.event planning business

There will always be parties every now and then. Every now and then you will see events like weddings, baby showers, graduations, and many more events.

If you can incorporate photography, tent leasing you can incorporate these businesses in just one business and have different streams of income.

This business requires a little bit of marketing and confidence that you can manage people’s events and next time or same people will invite you to another event.

16.start a gaming and movie shop

We may all have different preferences or hobbies that we use to pass time Many movie or gaming enthusiasts consider passing time by either watching a movie or even playing games like the PS 4/5.

Many of these enthusiasts may not have the comfort of checking around the newest movie or even just a place for people o play games at a fee.

All you need is a laptop or a desktop, internet access, and just a small place to sit and work. Some of these games are very much addictive, there are like drugs, and this with a good location of the business guarantees you daily income.

The location for such a business is near schools like universities or even colleges. Wish you the best of luck


17.start an executive barbershop

Are you good at haircutting skills? Are you creative enough to give people those haircuts you see in the movie? then this business is for you.

starting a barbershop  (mostly known in Kenya as kinyozi ) is one of the profitable businesses that you can today because the hair will never stop growing no matter how stiff the economy is.

what you need to get started in this just a good location especially in towns if you can negotiate with one of the big hotels near you and just have space at their premises.

you also need great appliances for all types of people like styling equipment for all parts of the body.

If you can start and incorporate some other thing like massage you can make a lot of money.

The next thing once you start is to market it with word of mouth use flyers, posters, or go ahead and set up your website where people can be booking for a cut.

As the demand increases you can decide to add more hands that increasing the efficiency.

18.brick making business

If you are an engineer, an architect or you are in the construction industry most probably you have bricks as alternative building materials despite the old way of using stones or timbers.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business this is the business you should today without any hesitation. Brick making is not mostly known and it only me and you who knows.

Before it is even known, you can start very fast and create a brand, and before others know about it you are already a monopoly.

It one of the fastest ways to build a house comparing you need many people in the ground.

If only you are in Kenya this fits you 100% . Kenya is the only country with the opportunity in creating bricks and the only one you will be having is TaTa where you can also take your cake, especially if in areas with much clay.






As we said before you will not find everything in this article, but the most thing is to choose a business that fits you, depending on your lifestyle, interests, availability of resources, or even your gender.

The capital required to start this type of business is different the same applies to the effort required for you to succeed is different.

I wish the best of luck in any of the business?

which business suits your personality or interest you?

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