Most visited blogs/website in Kenya on a daily basis

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This becomes the most visited site in the world not only in kenya.

This is the place many people go to seek answers from anything that one is suffering from or even looking for clalification of anything. This is the same place that most student dive to do research.

This is the first thing most people will have to consult before engaging in anything.

This is another site is much visited by Kenyans on daily basis. Many people go to this site either to entertain themselves, get developing stories or even tutorials.

Many people also go to this website to learn. Actually you can learn anything that would like to learn from this website.

This website many people are also making millions of money from providing video content.

This one of the most visited site in kenya where you can get stories from topical, relationships , breaking news, developing stories, politics, businesses and many other tips that you can search from this site.

Some people go to site just like a novel and spend more than 30 minutes just scrolling and reading the articles present and that are exciting.


This is platform that has most visitors in kenya. It like every person or even business. Many of the individuals visits this site to update status, photos with the captions of their choice.

Most people spend more than 1hour just scrolling up and down liking to one of their friends recently posted photos.

Kenyans is a current affairs website giving all the news may it be breaking or developing.

It also gives you stories from business, politics, sports and many more just like the stardard , nation and Tuko. This site started just a few years ago and it is already receiving much traffic.


This is a government site making it receive much traffic. This site get much traffic from any person that is working , business persons,

or anyone who want to access government services because without a KRA pin you cannot be able access your bank account and most of government services.

Every now and then people are getting to this to either file returns or even pay taxes to be able to access some services.

Netflix is another most visited website in kenya, this platform is mostly used by movies, documentaries lovers that maybe educative or even entertaining.

This site becomes one of the visited by many people who have either opened a movie shop and have subscribed to the platform.

Many other may have subscribed to this platform from their home where they just watch unlimited movies unless the subscription depletes.

This becomes the 8th most visited website in kenya and the most popular ecommerce store in kenya before kilimall kenya.

Jumia is an ecommerce that sell almost everything.

Jumia has product which are the cheapest as low  sh5,  jumia started as a small electronic online store online and later it expanded to other products,

this made them to diversify their earnings from different products.

Jumia doesn`t only sell products but also they offer opportunities to any person or marketer who would like to make some with jumia.

Jumia products have different commission depending on the products that any marketer would like to market on their behalf.

Jumia having more than a thousand marketers marketing to different platforms gives jumia a bigger advantage of having much traffic.

one thing about jumia they sell physical products which most people are looking for and the more the traffic the more the money they make to their advantage.

This is another site or platform that was started a guy from the U.S.A just because he wanted to be talking to his girlfriend,

who was studying in the U.S.A but he was studying in Canada. he just wanted to be talking to his girlfriend instead of him to keep travelling always.

Aaawe I just give you a brief history where zoom came from. Now zoom becoming number 9 in the most visited website in kenya this is because kenya is one of the digitalized country in Africa.

During the 2020 covid-19 global pandemic tthis is when the zoom app came to be known by many people.

This  made many people shift to this app. This ap you can be able to do conference meetings live while you see each other face.

For example if someone is in Mombasa and there is the sensation to get out or in of Mombasa while you are in nakuru you can organize a meeting and a have talk for the longest time you want aslong as you have enough internet bundles.


This is another online store where the owners of this platform there intention is to buyers and sellers meet in the same platform.

you can negotiate for any of the products that would want to purchase or sell. Here you can sell and buy anything that you are thinking of, May it be a car, suit, dress, a house or any other.

The ground for negation is open from the other side. This makes it goes for number 10 in the list of the most visited site in Kenya as per Alexa Rank.

This is another largest ecommerce in the whole world.

Amazon is a trusted ecommerce store in the whole and thus many people have no problem or any trust issues when it comes to buying at this site.

Most of the things that are sold in kenya most then come from this store where after giving your orders there will be delivered in the country in a minimum of one month.

Amazon is owner is the  2nd richest person on earth and that is Jeff Bezzos. Just like Jumia , amazon invites marketers who helps in marketing  some of the amazon products and this marketers will be paid depending on their efforts and the categories that the purchasers have purchase an item from.

In kenya they are number of marketers working together with Amazon and at the end they make some money out of their efforts, this makes Amazon the eleventh In kenya as one of the most visited website.

With other people who give orders to amazon and get the products that they would to later sell on some of the biggest shops in town.


Twitter is another most visited site in kenya making in the list at number twelve. You if you want to know anything that is trending in the country or even in the world it is on twitter.

Many other social media platforms gives opportunity to content creators an opportunity to give out content with a much bigger charaacters but on twiters it givs you an opportunity to share written or video content at a maximum of atleast 30 characters so there are short messages that trend very fast if mostly you have many followers.

This platform also act as news platform most from politicians or even C.E.Os who would like to inform the public of any changes or breaking news.

At first joining twiter most don’t understand it but as time goes by you become conversant with the platform.

This is a government owned platform that offers onestop online center that everyone including citizens, non-citizens, businesses, instiutions and government departments can access services.

At the the ecitizen you can access kra portal where you can file returns or even apply for KRA certificate, certificate of good conduct and many other government services.

This makes this to benefit from much traffic. This is the same site one can apply for their passports if there are non-residents from kenya.

This website or blog is owned by the leading newspaper in kenya which is Nation Media Group.

In this website you can like everything from politics, sports, relationships, breaking news and many more upto even science.

They office is located at Nation centre  Kimathi street Nairobi. It traffic was greatly affected after changing it domain extension from to


Just like  ,standardmedia website is owned by The stardard digital .This website receives over 30 million monthly views.

On this blog you can informational , educational, political, sports relationships , technology or any other thing you might think of and this make it receive much traffic from all over the world.



Linkedln is a professional site that connect employers, recruiters and those seeking opportunities for the employment in the different sectors that one would be specialized in.

This makes linkedln the most visited website in kenya as many people in kenya are seeking jobs.

To join this platform is free you just need to create a good profile and your experience and you never know your luck.

The star is a daily newspaper based in Nairobi which was launched in 2007 and it circulates newspaper all over Kenya.

The star brings you breaking news, developing stories, politics, science and technology.

Just like the stardard and nation you can get any kind of stories that you would want to read about.

This is also news site just like the nation, stardardmedia and the star. It is owned by the royal media services that has different stations in kenya.

Citizen tv is one of the watched tv station in kenya giving it a bigger advantage of site to be much visited in kenya.

You can get all kind of news from developing stories, breaking news, politics, business and more other news that you will get once you vist their site.

This is a betting site and after sportpesa left the Kenyan market for a while before it came back that when the site started receiving much traffic from gamblers in kenya.

This is a very unique website that connects most of the known website like the-star, and the most known website under one platform where the viewer will be able to receive the latest or breaking news under one umbrella.

Bing is also a search engine just like Google the only difference is that it is not much known for it came later after google has already taken over the market. Just as you use google it the same. Most people say it loads faster and it doesn`t take much of the data.

This is a method of payments that is much used by Kenyans. Paypal is linked to your bank where if you are paying anything from maybe Amazon you are able comfortably without any difficulties. Paypal is enables one to pay from all the world and this makes it the most visited website in kenya.

This is one the biggest telecommunication  company in Africa not only in kenya. Safaricom offers different services from money transfer, money lending  (fuliza, mshwari) that you can be lend money and pay at a certain interest rates.

Owe unto you who doesn`t pay you many be submitted to CRB  which is also very hard for to be lend money by other lending institutions.

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