List of the best Nokia smartphones in Kenya

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Nokia corporation is a Finnish corporation of information technology and consumer electronics which was founded in 1865. In this list i am going to outline one of the best nokia smart phones you can get today.

To choose a better smartphone today is a little bit confusing especially if you go directly to the dealer where you meet varieties of smartphones and, hearing from your peers how this works best how this may never disappoint it a little bit confusing.

The best phones goes hand in hand with your needs like maybe you need a smartphone with a good camera or even a long life battery of may the whole day as you multitask using the phone.

The funny thing is one smartphone may have what you need like the long battery life but may end up disappointing you in the camera experience and vise versa from experience.

1.Nokia 2.4

  • Nokia 2.4 is a dual sim with an internal of 64gb memory
  • It measures 165.85 by 76.30 by 8.69 and also it weighs 189.00 grams
  • A touch screen with resolution of 720 by 1600 pixels
  • has RAM of 3gb
  • It rear camera is 13 megapixel with a flash

2.Nokia 5.1 plus

  • The Nokia 5.1 Plus has 3GB RAM with an internal storage of 32GB
  • Its front camera has 13mp and its back camera has 8mp
  • comes with a compass, accelerator, etc

3.Nokia 3.4

Mobile Category

  • Nokia 3.4 comes with a 4gb RAM with 64 GB internal memory which is expandable.
  • With best resolution of 720 by 1560 pixels
  • Has easy connectivity to wifi and also hotspot from your freinds
  • With the best camera shot with a powerful triple camera which has artificial intelligence imaging

4.Nokia 5.3

  • comes with a resolution of 720 by 1600 pixels
  • Has an internal storage of 64gb with 6gb RAM
  • with a battery of 4000mAh

5.Nokia 6.1

  • Comes with a 4GB RAM with 64GB internal memory
  • Better shooting with a dual rear camera and 16MP front camera
  • Has a core of Octa core and and an operating system of 8.1
  • With a battery capacity of 3060mAh

6.Nokia 7.1

  • It`s 5.84 inches and 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM
  • Comes with an accellementor and a Gyroscope, Fingerprint Sensor
  • it front camera is 12mp and back camera is 5mp

7.Nokia 7.2

  • Has an advanced triple camera that is ultra-wide for better night shots.
  • The battery has a performance of 2 days life span
  • Has well-established security with a fingerprint and a biometric face unlock
  • Equipped with heavy shockproof

8.Nokia 8.3

  • Best network connection of 5G of all the advanced brands
  • Has a long lasting battery of 4500mAh
  • has internal storage of 128gb and 8gb RAM which is also expandable

This is based on the new models and aspects that people are looking for today, for example avaiklability of spare parts and also the speed of the smartphone chosen.

which is one of your best smartphone?

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