list of the best diploma courses in kenya

best diploma courses

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1.Diploma in legal studies

This is another diploma course that mostly attracts those in government, politicians who want to understand a little bit of the law ,institutions and overall kcse graduates.

To complete this diploma you will take a minimum of two to three years depending on the institution you will taking it.

This course to prone to different lucrative careers but you cannot represent some in a court of law. Some of the careers include; you can act as an an arbitrator, paralegal, law librarian, consultation and many more.

Institution offering this diploma include; inoorero university, MKU, Egerton university, kenya school of law, Kabarak, Strathmore and more

law, lawyer, attorney-4617873.jpg

2.Diploma in architecture

This diploma is intend to equip students with the knowledge and skills to to create designs that are aesthetic.

If you just completed your form 4 or just got the interest in doing this course building will still continue to rise and you will never lack a place.

With the government aim in the affordable housing to all people this is an ideal course that you can do. The demand for professionals in  construction industry is in much demand due to less professionals in this sector.

This diploma is offered by different institutions in kenya and best is kenya institute of highways and building technology,TUK,kirinyanga university, Nairobi institute of technology  and JKUAT. With a minimum of C- you can do it.

city, view, panorama-407703.jpg

3.Diploma in aeronautical engineering

atr, blue, plane-1207869.jpg

This is another diploma that can be done to anyone who has interest in airplanes and their mechanism.

Basically we have all heard of voice recorder, flight data recorder, black box, and mostly during aircraft crash investigation.

These are systems that are in control of aeronautical engineers.

This course can be done to one of the best which is kenya aeronautical college, Nairobi aviation college, eldoret aviation Training institute, Mombasa aviation training institute, malindi aviation technical  training institute and TUK

The minimum requirements for this course is a C+

4.diploma in water engineering


This another  diploma which has been existing for many years but it has not been taken serious in the past is offered In diferent institution in kenya like muranga university,nyeri national polytechnic,kenya institute ,sigalagala national polytechnic,eldoret training institute, and more.

This course enables you in problem solving involved in collection of data and how to implementation of the data. The student is able to plan and designing in irrigation ,wastewater water supply and more.

It very much marketable.

With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this course.

5.Diploma in electrical & electronics engineering

This is another very marketable course in is offered in different institution in kenya include; kenya institute of highways and building technology, railways training institute,eldoret national polytechnic,nyeri national polytechnic,Nairobi technical training institute,turkana university college, MKU and many more..

This diploma is divided in different options which are power, instrumentation and control, telecommunication,automation,computer engineering and Electronics.

This course has wide range of opportunities if you are much passionate but not easy my friend.

Imagine a world without electricity in the future you need to charge your devices. The world is heading to automation and there all need power so it very marketable and the world need electrical engineers.

electric, electricity, building-1080584.jpg

6.Diploma in clinical medicine and surgery

This is another very very marketable diploma course. Imagine a world without clinical officers and ofcourse people to do surgery not automation . Automation in medicine will take time.

This course with just a certificate and much practice you good to go if only you are passionate about serving people and seeing things you can never imagine.

This course is offered in different institution like kirinyanga university, KMTC, UON, jkuat,the outspan medical college and many more you can choose from.

7.diploma in medical engineering

This is also a very marketable engineering especially in the medical field. Technology is moving fast that there are so many equipment in the hospitals and there services are always in high demand.

It is offered in KMTC, eldoret national polytechnic, Thika school of medical and health sciences, Kenyatta university, JKUAT and many more.With a minimum of c- you can a chance of studying this.

8.DIPLOMA In software engineering

artificial intelligence, robot, ai-2167835.jpg

The world is headed to artificial intelligence,automation,digital money and currency which is accepted all over the world.

This courses teaches student the skills to design and test softwares that can be used in day to day activities like transfer of money.

If you are passionate about creating things from scratch and which don`t exists this is for you. Most all this courses mostly focuses on programming and coding.

You must be very much interested with this course for if you don’t you will successfully complete this course but at the end it will not help you.

This course is offered in JKUAT, TUK, Kenyatta university, Zetech university, Kenya institute of software engineering, railway training institute, daystar university and many more.

With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this course.


9. Diploma in technology in electronics &automation engineering

Technology technology I can`t hesitate on this technology is where the world is heading especially in the area of automation . imagine cars or the matatus without drivers, doors opening by face recognition that is where the world is heading.

Image hotels without anyone to serve you but only you have to order food and it delivered to you automatically.

This course by technical university of Mombasa, kenya institute of highways and building technology and others.

10.diploma in mechanical engineering

This course is designed to teach students on the concept of physics and science in design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical equipment and tools.

This course is offered institution like coast institute of technology, KIHBT, Eldoret national polytechnic, Meru university of science and technology, Rift valley institute of science and technology, kirinyanga university ,railway training institute and many more.

It is divided to different options that you can choose from ;production, plant, automotive, aerospace, automation, biotechnology, CAD, acoustics and many more.

11.diploma in quantity survey

tape measure, measure, centimeter-1860811.jpg

This course is intended to equip students with skills in measurements, estimation, and cost of construction of the building. This course equips students with the knowledge to read and understand drawings.

The course is offered by different institutions like KIHBT, railway training institute, The Kabete national polytechnic, rift valley institute of science and technology and more.

A quanitity surveyor acts as an advicer to clients. Between an architect and a quantity surveyor ,

both can be called by the client to advice on the first steps of coming up with a building where when the architect designs the QS do the estimates and advices the client on some of the cheaper alternative ways of construction.


12.diploma in motor vehicle mechanics

Motor vehicle mechanics teaches student to repair and service engines, fit trucks, motorcycles, buses and more.

A motor vehicle mechanics also specializes in reassembling engines and the part that are been repaired.

This course for as people are making more cars will always be bought and there are going more and more.

Some of the institution offering this include kaitheri vocational training center/kerugoya, rift valley institute of science and technology, thika institute of business studies an many more. With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this course.


auto mechanic, car mechanic, mechanic-2829141.jpg

13.diploma in road construction

Kenya is one of the interconnect country in east and central Africa and it still going to construct more and more roads in years to come.

So if you are able to do this course you stand a bigger chance to more marketable in the near future.

The course equips students with the skills in various road construction materials and technologies.

It is offered in different institution which are KIHBT, south eastern kenya university, Kisumu national polytechnic and more. With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this course.

14.diploma in graphic and web design

mockup, laptop, photoshop-2443050.jpg

Graphic designers and web designers are in high demand currently especially as the world is changing it course to online platforms.

If you can be able to speak through images and texts and a lot of graphic designing.

Most people in this field are self employed and are outsourced by companies.

Every institution currently want online and thus there is much demand of web designers.

Institution offering this course are but not limited to technical university of Mombasa ,Kenyatta university, African college of aviation, kenya institute of mas communication, Africa digital media institute ,Nairobi institute of technology.

15.diploma in information & communication technology

This course equips students with wide range of skills in technical, software and technological approach. this equips students and encourages the learner to be versed with the current trends in ict.

The course is offered in different institution include KIHBT, NIBS, Kisumu polytechnic, Muranga university, Zetech university etc

With a minimum of a c- you are eligible for this course.

16.diploma in airport operations

This course equips students with knowledge and activities associated with an airport from the inside to outside and one is able to assess this environment of aviation.

This course will be very and it still marketable considering all counties will have atleast an airport and each of this airport needs people to work they.

Some of the institution offering this course include Nairobi aviation college, aviation college of kenya and more.

17.diploma in hotel and institution management

This course helps the students in handling of the hotel administration, marketing, catering and maintenance.

This course does not only gives you opportunity to start your own restaurant. This course is very marketable taking into consideration you start your own restaurant and always people will always eat and drink.

This course is offered in different institutions like Technical university of Mombasa ,TUK, Airways travel institute, East Africa utalii institute institute and technical institute Nairobi.

With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this taking a minimum of 2 years to complete

18.diploma in fashion and clothing technology

This course guides and gives student in art of applying design, aesthetics, natural beauty to clothing and it accessories

Completion of this course can give different career paths in fashion promoter, fashion journalist, fashion designer, embroiderer, fashion consultant and many more.

Institution offering this course include Sigalagala national polytechnic, Kenyatta university, east Africa institute of certified studies, The Kisumu national polytechnic and many more.

With a minimum of c- you are eligible for this course.

woman, jetty, lake-1784755.jpg

19.diploma in optical technology

This course teaches the student on the human eye; the disease which affect the eye.

This course takes a minimum of two to three years and with a minimum of c- you are elegible for this course.

It is offered at KMTC, Presbyterian University of East Africa Chongoria  centre and more.


20.Diploma in physiotherapy

towels, beauty room, therapy room-2758723.jpg

It is offered at Thika school of medical and health sciences ,KMTC Kisumu, Nazareth medical college and others.

With a minimum of a c you are eligible for the course.

21.diploma in petroleum management

After petroleum was discovered in kenya in 2012 by Tullow oil they has been high demand for professionals in the petroleum industry thus making this course much marketable.

The course is offered In different institution like kenyattta university,

pioneer international university,

Technical university of kenya,

Nairobi technical training institute,

Eldoret technical training institute,

keyway mining and technology college kilifi and more.


22.diploma in teacher education

Teacher education is another very marketable course in kenya considering many are retiring and more are needed.

People will always go to school no matter what and if you can do any of the teaching in the subjects of your interests, then specialize in CBC you good to go.

It gives the student the ability to manage and master the subjects to professional level.

Best combination of like physics/chemistry, mathematics/chemistry, mathematics/physics, music/English/Kiswahili, biology/agriculture and mathematics/business studies.

Offered in different institution like Kenyatta university, Kagumo teachers college, kenya technical trainers college, Nakuru teachers college and more.


23.diploma in mass communication and journalism

One of the most marketable course in country with the high increase of media houses .You can get hired by digital  publishers or even newspapers . With this career you don’t have to be employed you can start your own online news platform.

The course is available at Gretsa university, MKU, Kenyatta university and kenya institute of mass communication

24.diploma in county governance

With the devolution government take place in 2013  there is much demand of county govervance professionals that can help in the govervance in the local goverments.

This is offered in different institution like JKUAT, pioneer international university, technical university of Mombasa, Taita taveta university, embu college and Rongo university

which is one of your best diploma course, interested with or which one would like to add in the list?

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