How YouTubers get paid and make money online in 2021

how youtubers make money

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Youtube is one of the second largest search engine after google they are under one umbrella.

Getting to know how youtubers get paid and make money online  is a good thing for one to leverage from maybe the videos that one has already uploaded and earn a little dollars. Some people also use youtube as a side hustle on the side that enables one to pay one or two bills.

The good thing about youtube is that you don’t need to be there for you to earn. This is a way one can make money online passively day and night with you been involved much.

Some people start channels without an intention to make money but after a while they discover and they may want also to take advantage of some of the ways that they can utilize.

The 10 ways one can make money from the channel outlined here , not all channel utilize them.

Some of the ways can be utilized from one channel to the other depending on the goal and the niche of the content.

Other people who know what they are doing here on youtube utilize all and this is a way to make different ways to earn under the same platform and this is mostly how they make a living.

Just note that not all content can be monetized it all depends with the intention and you personally, without wasting any time let discuss some of the ways that one can leverage and earn some dollars online.

1.spornsorned content

Many business would like to be seen online, and this pushes them to look for influencers and especially those with large subscription.

Having sponsored content it very simple, a business or an organisation identifies your subscription or view , contact you or you can even contact them, create a video content with correlation to the services or products they sell and as long as the video remains in your channel the business or organization leverage from that and that where you they earn from.


2.subscription base

Just like a blog ,on youtube you can also ask your viewers or audience to subscription where you will have details.

Lets you are on youtube showing people people how to tutorials or anything else people can spend money to learn more this a great way for you to enable earn an extra dollar.

What you can do on youtube is produce atleast a video woth of 10 minutes and at the description or on your pop ups you are able to show a subscription button that people can apply and pay a small fee and you are they.

Learn how to get more views and subscription

3.taking advantage of ad network

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This is another opportunity that has been there for a while and it what many youtubers  have been using  to monetize their videos for the longest time.

One of the most common ads network like the google ads which you can apply if you meet the minimum require for your approval

some of the minimum requirement that every channel should to be monetized is: atleast have;

  1. 1000 subscribers
  2. have a minimum of  4000 watch hours and that all and apply.

4.selling your merchandise

This is another way that youtubers make money online. This mostly works for those with merchandise,

let say you have a fashion shop you can take videos of what you offer or sell in the store. At the end people will buy from your store online your work will just be delivering.

5.become an influencer of a brand

This looks like it the same with sponsorned but this is different. This is when at every video content that you create, at the end of the video you can a banner that advertises other people business and that where you earn some penny from.

Also, people like people who like them or have seen for  a while, If on your videos you have been seen more you can be brand ambassador for a certain product in the market.

6.asking for donations

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Another way that many youtubers get paid is through asking support from their viewers . what you can do here is to have a paypal account or an Mpesa paybill number if you are in kenya and at the end of every video you can create a good banner that you are asking for donation from your viewers at every video.

7.affiliate links

This is one of the most profitable way to make money online. As an affiliater you will have to market some else or companies products and by that you will be able to make some commissions.

How will you earn? One thing you need to know is that youtube is a search engine and people are looking for things to buy online.

When people search on youtube and they find your video and at the description you have you have inserted a amazon link, this link will take them to the amazon website and once they purchase you earn a commission from that.

This one way that also bloggers make money with.

8.lincencing viral videos

We all live in this imperfect world world many people are trying to be perfect when it comes to the matters of starting a business, maybe marring and you still looking for the perfect match, going back to school, vacating to a new environment, visiting parents but in the real sense you will never have a perfect time.

The same applies in your perfection when uploading your video on youtube, you don’t know which will trend.

After been online for a while  I have able to mix up with several youtubers who were just trying to perfect their video everyday but at the end the video doesn’t bring any views at last.

You might have uploaded some videos and after and checking on your google analytics you discover some videos are much trending and this an opportunity to license so that you can get paid once people or even media want to use it to advertise.

Licencing viral videos is one of the lucrative ways many youtubers use and especially those with large following and subscription.

Note, you don’t have to have large subscription base if only your video get noticed by any person you can take advantage of and earn some dollars through licencing.

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9.become an emcee/public speaker

It is said one of the biggest fear that most people have is the fear of public speaking.

Many people who start a channel mostly are not the best public speakers and by having one, one is able to master the art of public speaking and slowly by slowly day by day the fear keep going away and they master the skill.

This skill is able to win them several gigs for emceeing and that another way that they make a living from.

speech, stage, lecture-1020355.jpg

consulting, information, talk-2204253.jpg

If on your channel you are showcasing about gymnastics, or any how to videos this is a great opportunity where your viewers can pay you if they want to consult with you at any given point of their journey as they try to implement whatever you are showing.

You can also be consulted by media houses where you can be asked to attend a live interview with them and by this you will be able to ask for a token.


They goes the list on some of the ways that many youtubers use to make sure they earn something on their channel.

Many youtubers dont about them and great opportunity that they are outlined here. If you have not started your channel the time is ticking now go ahead and start and maybe change someone s life somewhere.

You can chang e someone life by either a laughter, education, guidance and many more.Internet is allover the world and someone somewhere will say because of you i was happy, i learn how to start a business, how to design, how touse any software and more more niches you can start today.

Now go ahead and create your channel and use any of the way to monetize your channel.

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