how to start a brick-making business today

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Starting a brick business is one of the businesses that can make you a lot of money in a short period if you run it like an entrepreneur.

With the high rate of real estate coming up with the government objective of affordable housing, brick making is one of the businesses that will boom in the next less than 5 years.

Bricks used in building compared to constructing using the normal stones, building using interlocking bricks is fast and affordable.

If you go to a quantity surveyor or a contractor and ask for the Bill of Quantities,

for example and let say you wanted to build a house of 8 bedrooms this house would cost you around 16 million using the normal stones according to a quantity surveyor.

If you decide to use the interlocking bricks the same house will cost you less than 7 million.

Many contractors and homeowners are now shifting to alternative ways of construction like precast technology and brick making. Today we are going to deal with brick making.

In order to stay in the market for a long consider making bricks which are strong, durable and can be able to withstand all kind of environment.

1.know the process of making bricks

The first step of all is to get the knowledge to be able make the best bricks in the market.

Like any business, there will always be competitors and to make sure you are in front of all the competitors is to continue seeking knowledge from good books.

You can also benchmark your competitors to know what there  are doing and improve on that.

Knowing there are different types bricks like concrete bricks, or engineering bricks it important to know the process; like what comes fast before the other and also the time to make sure you produce quality.

the most common way of brick making is grinding the soil depending on the type of brick you are making, giving the size of the brick, combination of raw materials if you are making concrete bricks which involves cement,murram, etc, waiting for it to dry and packaging to your customers.

It important to seek more knowledge to those who have done before to be able to get the practical know how from the ground.

2.preparing your business plan

It is always very important to prepare a business plan in any kind of business this is also a business that you are setting.

  • Write it down that your business will be managed by who
  • the number of employees that you will have
  • Your business plan should include the cost of starting this kind of business.
  • the marketing strategy
  • where to set your business

It a great way to plan  for if you don’t plan maybe you are to fail.

3.survey the equipment needed to make bricks

There are different tools needed to help you start making bricks.

Equipment for making bricks should highly durable that they can stand for a period of time before the business is able to stand on it own.

Also, as the quality adheres to the availability of spare parts should also be available to ensure the work doesn’t stop.

The equipment might differ depending on the types of bricks that you are making

some of the most common brick making machines are like;

  • Bon too
  • Hydraulic Pollen Press
  • The big bastard press which you can get at Amazon

other stores that you can get these machines like the jiji platform.

at jiji you can get;

  • Interlock brick making machine
  • manual interlocking soil making machine
  • Engine-powered brick making machine

At you can variety of these machines at affordable prices starting from 300$


4.look for good location

Business location always matters in brick making business for it needs good working space. This business requires a flat ground where the machines will be operated smoothly.

This location helps you in your marketing costs for where there are many constructions going on or in a place where there is high traffic probability of getting a sale are high compared if you started inside a village.

A good location helps also in the display of the ready-made bricks and is able to be seen by many people.

5.start ,launch and promote

Once you have everything, now it time to start, launch the business and promote.

Once it already on the ground market to people you know contractors, engineers, market it online have a Facebook group and create an engagement.

You can take further steps and have a website where you can have people from all over the world order their pieces.

As your business grows you can decide even to offer transport services at a free cost as a way of marketing.

It will take time to build the business, and with patience and hard work you will get to the goal of your business.

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