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Many people with blogs are all looking for ways in which they can atleast a little amount from the traffic they are getting from their sites.

there are many in which one one take advantage of the internet and the traffic one is getting from his site to atleast make some dollars from they passion of maybe educating ,entertaining people through they publishing effort.

many people before would come up with a blog just to fulfil there passions in writting but nowadays people are looking for just ways which there can be able to make some dollars.

Before the popularity of the internet many blog writers and they blogs were just dormant ,just because there was no information on how one monetize his site. most of this sites today are making good money from the work they did sometimes back.

Blogging isn’t an easy thing and most people come into the blogging world with an intention of making big money fast (get rich quick) which is the other way round .

in this post i have outlined some of the ways which you can incorporate in your blog if you have one but if you dont have you can create one here with bluehost which is a paid way but you can also start a free one if your bugdet is tight and later you can change to the paid one.

but if you are serious in making some money with your blog i would suggest you go with the paid one.

here is the list of ways you can use and monettize your blog and make some money online

1.affliate marketing

affliate marketing is one the most powerful ways which one can use and make some dollars without the use of the adsense.

This is one the ways you can earn money passively online.Affliate marketing is a form marketing other people products where now now you act as middle man.

this method you dont need to own the products ,you just need to create an account or contact the owner of the products and that its……the work is now left to you as the marketer.You can decide to be paid in different methods lilke:

pay per click method

pay per lead


pay per sale

some of the affliate you cna join are like AMAZON AFFLIATE



Consulting is the act of providing solutions to people who might be expericing some a little bit of difficulties in a certain area.In consulting you don’t have to be perfect in order to be a consultant.

one of the ways one can be a consultant is may be you have undergone a little bit of training

or you have some experiences in a certain area.some of the areas people are seeking some consultancy,these are emerging issues happening which many people are not aware of like digital marketing .

many people are looking for consultance mostly in this maybe these people want to know what happening in the digital media.

You dont have to be a digital marketer only maybe you have some a little bit of training in any sector of your experties,

you might also have some experience in maybe graphic design,web development, maybe your an engineeryou can also be consulted at anything you know.

you can either be an offline consultance or an online consultance,some of the online platforms you can take advatage of the like of UPWORK.COM,FIVERR ETC

3.selling a digital products

One of the mostly used way that generate alot of income my most internet marketers.

some of the digital products that you can involve yourself in selling digitals products like ebooks,movies,

other digital products that are of high demand are the like of labtops,smartphones etc

you can involve any of this way into your website despite haveing adsense.

platforms you czn get digital products are like clickbank,digistore24,amozon,shopify etc

4.sponsorned posts

Sponsored content is premium content that a sponsor pays a publisher to create and distribute. It’s a type of native advertising that is consistent with the surrounding content on a webpage.

  • sponsored post makes your brand credible and trustworthy by placing it alongside other of your content
  • it also adds up to user experience
  • it provides mutual benefit to both the content creator and to the product creator and their audience in terms of even the revenue sharing, some of the sponsorned content include
    • Facebook stories
    • articles
    • tweets
    • youtube videos etc

5.create a membership program.

Once you have now created your website this is also another venture that you can take chance.

creating a membership program means that you help the people signing up for it to solve a certain problem in their lives like maybe finacial matters,health matters,blogging tips,designing etc

There are so many advantages to this in terms of building relationship and also increasing your network. in terms of revenue this is like creating a product and selling again and again with the need to create it again,what you just need to do is to continue improving it.

building your membership program build respect ,authority,respect and this makes you at a position to market new products in the near future.

6.sell products via Amazon FBA

one thing you should knoow is that Amazon is a search just like google, the only differnce is that people go to google to search for information while people go amazon to buy products or to shop.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce store in the world ,and it has build a brand world wide and also creating trust to it customers.

Another thing is that Amazon is very much addictive and when people go there they just buy! buy! buy!

if want to benefit from this go down to Amazon page and click where it is written sell at Amazon,get a product from maybe Alibaba feature it at Amazon and amazon will do all the work for you .

FBA means fullfilment by Amazon where amazon packs it for you,transport it for you and does the payment for you and lastly it pays after you have entered your banking details.

7.Accept donations

This is one of the oldest ways bloggers used to make money before.After a couple of bloggers headed to the borrowing scene ,bloggers were sen as beggars who would only go online to beg for upkeep. This is also another for any blogger who want to make some money and levarege from his followers by askking just little amount of token from any willing follower on his website.

You can just a create a page on your website claiming you accept donations or gift from any of the willing fun of you.

IF you are confident enough with this method you can go ahead and create a page and some people have good heart there will send ,

In the fews that i have discussed they are many ways which you can take advantage at and be able to monitize your website without depending on adsense alone.

in all this ways it also requires a little bit of patience,hardwork,marketing to fully benefit from any of the following.

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