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What is Fiverr at first? Fiver is an online platform that connects both the buyers and sellers in the same market to be able to offer different services.

Many people may have heard of Fiverr may be from friends, relatives, or even advertisements.

The big question that many people have is how do I make money online at Fiverr from home.

In this article, I will go through some of the ways that one can implement and be able to have a source of income from the platform.

From my research Fiverr means 5$ from where it was started that is in the U.S, that is with only 5$ you can get a service from the platform offered by a different person.

Some of the services that one can offer here do not even require any special skills. What most need is a laptop and internet access and you are able to offer a service.

These are not only the skills or sectors that one can get into to do but with any skill that you have you can give it out at a fee. You can visit Fiverr and create an account for free.

1.web designing

My assumption is that each and every one of us has ever visited a website and accidentally you fall in love with the colors,

navigation how the content is arranged, and so forth. What you may have loved from one website to another may be different from one person to another.

Website designers use templates and a little creativity to be able to have well customizable site for the clients.

Some web designers are aware of HTML, CSS, and maybe one or coding languages. If you are familiar with any of the following or you know anyone who has such skills you can direct them to Fiverr and create an account for free.

After creating an account market and have a good profile that triggers people to contact you.

You can also head there and have your site designed.


2.seo services

This is another million-dollar service that you can offer if you really understand how google operates.

There are many websites that are been created on daily basis all with the aim of educating people and also making some penny.

In order for any website to rank at the first pages for google, one needs to optimize their site to be SEO friendly.

SEO services are in much demand and people are seeking this service from anyone who has any experience or even skill in it.

This skill is learnable and you can decide to even take a course online. media management

Social media management is another skill also in much demand.

Many businesses are unaware of the opportunities that are there once they create their social reachability and been seen.

This does only apply to businesses but also looks at any celeb or even managers in our society. Creating a wall on social makes people reach them faster and this makes them more money or even fame.

Managing this socials network may not be the same for everyone especially if there is not much busy.

But to have some of their work completed if there are busy may opt them to seek help from social managers online. editing

If a picture can speak more than words then a video is king.

There has been the rise of many YouTubers and online content development, many of the content creators don’t know or don’t have much time to be able to edit their videos to have them stand out.

Many of these are like the singers, news channels, marketers, etc. these people need people who can be able to edit their videos and also guide you on the matters of copyright and so forth.

Video editing is also a skill which also in much demand today. It is a learnable skill and you can decide to take some online courses or just for a mentor. development

Gaming is just on another level and it is booming day in day out. If you are much knowledgeable about coding you have a bigger opportunity that you can take in this new era.

6.content writing

This is another gig that is booming day to day basis. In this, you don’t have to start perfect just start, and as you go buy you will learn some tricks for you to thrive. There is much demand for content writers.

If you want to Be a great writer you need to be able to read a lot in the area that you would like to write about.

Consulting is one of the high-income skills that can pay you forever. Consulting is wide open to everyone.

Each and every person on this earth knows something that another person doesn’t know.

Its great advantage to everyone with such a platform where you can be consulted at a fee and be able to earn.

8.proof reading and editing

As more and more content is been written and all dumped to the internet more proofreaders and editors are needed.

This is one of the skills that do not require any professionalism at all. As long as you can read and you know the basics of grammar you can do this gig.

Many writers don’t like to edit their own articles and thus may give them out to another person to be edited for. and resume writing

If you can be able to write cv for others professionally that can make them secure a position at a certain job then you can open an account at Fiver and get some gigs.

These you need a little bit of knowledge. You can keep increasing your knowledge by reading more and what employers are looking for in a potential candidate.

Write for more people and create a testimony so that people can trust you and the more you are trusted the more you get more work.



Transcription is the process of listening and changing spoken content to a written one.

As we said earlier that video content is in demand, many of the video creators want their content to be transcribed or changed to a written one.

If you can get some basic training and have access to the internet you can be able to start your transcription gig at Fiver a fee.

Transcribers are paid depending on the period the voice that they were transcribing took. You can be paid from 5$ and beyond. app development

App development is also another venture where people, business people, and developers are looking for ways they can be able to have their app for monetization.

many business people who are looking to make their business noticeable by the large population are looking for app developers.

To start this gig you need to have some basic programming skills and a little bit of creativity and just knowing what you are doing. 

Once you get the skills to this area you can market yourself at Fiverr and have some clients too. 

final thoughts

Fiver is a great platform that one can start that one can get some extra incoming irrespective of where you are in your career.

Creating an account at fiver you are not guaranteed income daily or even instantly but with time, experience, and continuous building of the profile you can get more gigs.

It is not easy for one to get a ranking instantly but if you continue building your profile you will get noticed.

some people make the mistake of creating an account and then asking for a huge amount of payment from clients.

Start small and as your account grows you will have more clients and your price continue appreciating as you get more and more reviews.

These are not the only work that you can do here you can have the skill and get paid by it at Fiver. Go ahead and create an account.

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