how to get more subscribers and views on youtube (a beginners guide)

how to get more views and subscribers on youtube

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We al as human beings and as also youtube lovers we are mostly attached to channels with most subscribers. What it means to have more subscribers it means that you are getting more views to your video content.

Youtube been one of the 2nd largest search engine and one of the growing this is making people to have their own channels.

There  are few reasons one may decide to set up their own channel;

  • To entertain your views
  • To educate people maybe on various trending topics
  • To promote certain products that one maybe selling or offering
  • To make some coins from the digital platform which is one of the main reason youtube is real growing.
  • And also as a general informational channel

How do youtubers make money by just publishing video content?


One thing about having more views and subscribers to yournew videos as your  starting your new youtube channel this helps in generating more ideas to help create more content for your audience.

This also triggers the youtube algorithim of your new channel and the crawlers or the spiders are able to recognize your channel.

Some of the ways that can help you add more subscribers and viewers will be discussed indepth in the list below.








1.consistency in uploading

This goes without saying. Youtube will always pomote a channel that they atleast some consistency in the work.

This shows that you are serious about the type of content you wanna post.

Your effort in this makes your viewers and subscribers to know you are informative they would always be waiting for your next video to have a grip of the video before others.

Take it like this your viewers are they are in a competition of who will be the first to view.

Posting regularly makes you stand out atleast two videos on a weekly basis.

2.adding a subscription button on the video

This is another trick that I discovered recently and it helping more and more youtubers to earn more subscribers.

I had a difficult time to know how they design the button but according to the research that I did they mostly use photoshop.

Hold on, you said … ”photoshop I am not familiar with graphic design,” I know you said so, I have a solution for you.

This is another technic which most don`t know ,but there is a new designer tool which the Canva.

Visit canva and design your posters for free until you decide to for premium with easy hold and drop dashboard.

Design a good looking subscription button and fix it your videos.



bell, subscribe, button-5997134.jpg

3.interact with your viewers

It always good to idea to always interact with your viewers but how?

You will be able to interact with them once every viewer who comment on your video it always good to reply and to them.

This increases your fanbase other viewers may also have some courage to just say something.

Replying to your viewers makes them feel good emotionally and mostly there will have to subscribe and comeback again to view more videos.

Youtube is all about video content with little or no scripts at all.

But by having more and more scripts on your channel triggers the algorithm with some of the keywords on your most comment and enables more views to your channel.


4.write a compelling title

Another trick is to have a compelling titles on your videos and this enables more people to click on your videos and it increases your views too.

This method of writing compelling title that are clickable will help more and more people to view your videos.

A mind catching title enables the viewers and are able to click to discover what is happening on the video

5.have an awesome profile

This is just to have a your own profile picture to you channel or whatever the graphic you want.

The same applies to your background pic you should have one that compels and friendly to the eye and this makes your viewers to stay and continue watching more and more videos on your channel.

6.embed your videos to other social networks

Every person has different social networks that one connects to like facebook, Instagram, tiktok and snapchat.

This platforms enables people to share their video to them and by having this platforms one is able to boost more views from them and anyone who has not seen your channel before will be able to visit and subscribe.

Every youtuber has one why not you?

puzzle, joining together, insert-3302737.jpg keyword research

Once you have decided the kind of channel and content that you wanna create, it always a good idea to have sometime and do keyword research on platforms like ahrefs, semrush, google and also on youtube.

It is very simple to do keyword research at google or youtube for example…

Just go and type how to make money…and you see more title drop down …and that it. You get more ideas by doing this and this what many people are searching this makes your video to rank more to have more clicks and views.

8.ask your viewers to subscribe

At the end of every video it always a good idea or even at the start of your video to ask your views to subscribes to your channel and click the notification bell for notification once the next video is out.

If your video a little bit long it always good to get out of the topic and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

9.collaborate with other youtubers

It always a good idea to diverge your knowledge by leading more books. Look for this book and you will understand this law that says “do not isolate yourself it is dangerous” I know I have forgotten some words hahaha.

Always collaborate with other youtubers and this will enable you to leverage your competitors or even youtuber friend for views on your channel.

Some of the collaboration have seen is with betty kyalo and desagu.

. for youtube ads

Just as website owners  pay to have their websites promoted to the higher level page this can be done too by youtubers to make sure that they videos and channel get attention from people and makes them receive more subscribers and views at a given period of time.

There paid and so you have to spend some money on this. One of the most known is tubebuddy which enables you to gain more subscribers and views everyday without you having to do much.

Tubebuddy is subscribed on a monthly basis and you have to decide either to continue paying or not according to your budget.


hands, smartphone, you-1167622.jpg not give up

This is another to grow your channel, which most people once they start anything not only the youtube channel they end up giving up when they are about to see the results.

If you can be consistent and a game for atleast 90 days you can see the results that you want to see if mostly you here to make some penny.


never, give up, auto task-3955912.jpg


To make your channel have more views and subscribers it takes hardwork, consistency, time, patience, and money sometimes and passion. Without this you might give along the way.

It always a good idea to write your plan on your why of starting the channel with a strong desire and action you will be able to see the results that you want in a short period of time.

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