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Now now everyone today want to start a blog because one reason or the other.

one of the reasons many people are willing to start is to make extra income online. some people may just be online and come across someone online who might maybe claim to earn a certain amount of money online.

on the other side may be one,wants to certify his passion in a certain area of expetise of he/she loves to do and would want one/two people to see.

In this article i am going to show you some of the tools you need to have inorder to have a good a time blogging.Now anyone who want to start an online business should take his online business like a farm or a career,

like surgery where every one has his tools for his work,if you choose to go farm you must be equiped with a jembe,seedlings or even pesticides.Also in the same scenerio you can decide to increase some knowledge for better production.

The same applies to a website or a blog where you need the tools to keep you cultivating your website,now let dive into it,

1.A desktop or a laptop

This is a must tool for any aspiring or already in the industry must have. Technology is moving fast and in the early 2000s without a computer you could not have a website but as we speak with a smartphone you can have a site ready and manage it with just a smartphone.

But to my experience a laptop is the minimum tool you should despite a smartphone which can serve you too.

why would i reccommed a laptop? Imagine designing or adding a plugin on your website through the phone it kind of pathetic or even troubleshooting any downfall on your website. just have one my fellow blogger.

2.Bluehost or any other hosting

webhosting is another factor you should consider ,this is where your website or where you will be posting all the content or pictures you might be wanting to posting will be living.

Choosing your blog should not take long ,i would recommend you choose a memorable ,no hypens, no numbers but if you like you can.Bluehost is one of the top reccommended webhosting company for wordpress.

You can choose to go with any other webhost company of your choice but in this i would recommend you go with bluehost as one of the best hosting company.

bluehost has many offers and one of the offer for new sign ups is having a free domain for the first year.It has affordable packages especially for beginners.

This one of the ways many aspiring people who want to join blogging see it as complicted but it not like operating a brain surgery it not that hard as you may think ,you can get your hosting at an affordable price.

3.Semrush or Ahrefs

After your site is up and running now you need to provide awesome content for your readers.

Now what is the important of this tools?? Any of this tool will help you provide perfect content for your readers,

but not just providing content but also the content the searcher is going onto google search box is looking for,In other words you write what people are lokking for not what you are thinking of.

These tools are premium and you need to suscribe at fee,they also have free versions which you can start by using them.

another tool that`s is completely free is google keyword planner.


I know we all went to school and no one is perfect I am sure everyone did mistakes in school’s writing composition and we did spelling mistakes, punctuation, and also grammar.

This is a must-have tool for any everyday writer or content creator. This tool also helps you in choosing words and also cutting down or lengthening your sentences grammatically correct.

it has a free package that gives you basics services like eliminating errors, but the premium one gives it all. Once installed it accesses ms word, ms outlook, google docs, and all your keyboards.

5.Yoast plugin

This is one of the best plugging that you should not forget when installing your pluggins.This plugin helps in improving the visilibility of your website content on the google search engine.

This is where you will be doing your on-page-seo with this plugging.It helps also in improving the readaility of your post that when a new visitor visit your blog will be able read through your content without any difficulty.

it has both free mode and premium mode where many bloggers start with a free mode and later shift to the paid for more features.

To get it just hover your mouse on the plugging section and on the search box insert SEO and it will be first to appear with most downloads.


Screen flow is the easiest video editor, it was used to capture screen recordings and publish videos and even mostly by youtubers.

there do not offer a free version but there do a free trial but you subscribe on yearly basis. this tool is best for those who want to include videos on your blog.


Canva is a free and also a paid software where if you don’t have that many editing skills and you are getting started in starting your online business, this the tool for you.

It can help you desing the logo of your blog or even thumbnails for maybe your youtube channel.

  • posters
  • flyers
  • newsletters
  • invitation cards
  • videos and many more


It is a web based platform which organizes your projects and also tells you what is been worked on and at what time and who is working on it.

Take off an office with a whiteboard or a blackboard with ink or chalk wrote guidelines on the board, Now Trello helps you in all this on the web.

Take trello as a register or minutes form.In every meeting there is organized events that will happen in that particular day.

let’s take off a wedding ceremony where the master of ceremony follows a written paper arranged chronologically with time and who will be in charge, what follows at each time take Trello as that.

9.Google analytics

After having your website up and running with great content, now you need to know where your visitors and are coming from, which gender.

it goes ahead and brings the breakdown of the people visiting comes from which device let`s say a computer,mobile phone or tablet.

it also shows where your visitors are coming from which part of the world.

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