discover secrets; how to make money on Instagram

how to make money on instagram

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This is one of the growing social platforms in the whole world and many people have been searching on how to make money online with Instagram. It has recently gained popularity mostly from young people. This has enabled it to gain a massive 1.5 billion active users

Most people on this platform do not know how to use this platform what mostly is done is used for sharing photos of maybe their recent visits and most people who have not joined this platform it just because many people don’t know how to use this platform and in this article, I will share some of the ways just by joining this platform can improve your life financially.

According to surveys done this social platform is now gaining popularity not only from novice people but also from people who have an interest in the public eye like politicians, businesses, etc

how to make money on Instagram

some people have already endosed instagram as a source of another source of income in a huge way and others don`t know how even how to get started with the platform.

this platform which is mostly used as a place where people share photos of their previous visit or best days,somepeople like christiano ronaldo who makes over 1000000$ per post, Christiano ronaldo is of the person who tops the rich instagramers according to forbes.

He has over 250 million followers, maybe you are asking yourself now has even less than a thousand followers how can still make money? This article will give you ideas you can start with and make some progress.

here are the top ways which you can incorporate in your instagram account and make some money.

1.Affliate marketing

Of all ways to make money online this is one of the most profitable business model online that make high return on investment.

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an individual is compensated by a company by promoting their products and if the traffic on his funnels make a purchase or any activity on your links you get compensated a certainly agreed commission.

some programs takes time before you are aproved but others it takes minutes if not seconds.some of the best affiliate you can join are like of Amazon affiliate which only requires you to have an account with content.

some other affiliates require you to have at least a website with content and least the website should be at least be old for a specific age. You can get a website by just clicking on the get started icon.

you can go around amazon site and have an idea of what maybe you can promote and at the end get a commision.

2.Selling of physical and digital products

some of the products that you can you can sell online on instagram like clothes, shoes, electronics cars and anything that you would have interest in.

As of recently i noticed so many ecommerce stores from instagram show casing they products like shoes,clothes xars and many more.So many business are turning into instagram to generate more sales on instagram.

Once you create a business acccount on instagram what now you need to do is to connect it square online that enables your instagram posts from feed to shoppable website.

3.publishing sponsored posts

Influencer marketing ; It`s believed or assumpted that people in the market place will blindly believe the words of an expert or the person they know.

publishing sponsored is very simple,lets say you are instagramming in the travel field,and let say you visit a hotel you take pictures and have them posted with a great caption of how you enjoyed your stay at certain hotel and there after the company will be pay you according to your engangement with the followers you have.

In the same scenerio a hotel might sponsor you maybe a whole weekend or even a month and in the end there will be able to leverage your following by posting pictures as you enjoy your stay the hotel.

4.been a brand ambassador

As your account continue growing your face continues to grow in the public eye and that it important to never stop promoting your account and continue getting more followers.

Lets say a company like Uniliver,if if you have a nice eye catch Uniliver can use one of your pictures you may see your self on billboards maybe promoting one of their products like a lotion.

5.sell your photos

It might look weird ,when i say selling photos, but this is also another way you can venture into and make money passive.

some of the platforms used to sell photos are like;

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock photos
  • SmugMug pro
  • Etsy

In order for your photos to stand out, you need to look for good photography that can have your photos look cool. This site is real and people are making cool money with this site.

6.become a social media manager

As it always said time heals everything with your experience in instagram this can make your a pro and later you can decide to on another gig of managing social medias.

social platforms have have come like a boom with many people not aware of what is happening on online,you can take advatage of this and get hired to manage other people social profiles so that can also be seen online.

having been able to manage your account you can also be able to manage other platforms like Twitter and other socials.

You can get this gigs on upwork where you can just open an account with a good profile and you get hired to do so.

7.becoming a freelancer

Freelance is where a person works for himself rather than been employed by the government or any growing your instagram account and letting it seen by the public is another advantage of been a freelancer.

Lets say you have a certain skill you poses you can start marketing it ,by simply adding it to your profile where anyone can contact you and hire you to do for them a certain task.

There are many freelance websites that you can look into and be able to get the gigs you might be knowledgable about like maybe graphic design,web designing,social media management etc

some kenyan site that have a high great impact in freelancing include;

  • Upwork
  • writers hub
  • Fiverr

on any of the following websites you can get a gig and get to work.

how to grow your Instagram account

  1. One of the ways to grow your account is by regularly posting and also having a great caption on your description and the trending hashtags.
  2. Another way is going around Instagram and looking at what other people are doing.
  3. start your username everywhere you go and also adding it to your letters, share your links to WhatsApp groups, Facebook everywhere just keep sharing.
  4. by using Jumper Media, this tool is a paid tool but this also another great way to gain, by using this tool you automatically able to gain a following in a passive way. You can earn a following of up to 20 -40 on a daily basis without doing anything.

how much can you earn

On earning,it different from person to person according to your engangement, your following and also the product that is been sold or the service offered. No matter your engangement you should never give you should keep advertisig yourself and dont give up.

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