Discover; how to start a blog and make money online

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Follow this step by step guide and learn how one top blogs you have heard or seen making huge amount of money do to get there.

anyone who want to start a blog of either to satify his passion or even make an extra an extra income this is the best guide foryou, you dont require any magic ,or prophesic means or take it like you are performing plastic surgery.

what needed for you is the urge for you and a strong burning desire from deep your heart,head or any special organ that you could have installed hahahah to scale up for success.

However,starting is easy but it not simple for you if you put in the work and be determined,persistance during

the hard time and keep moving day by day step by step and as long as you don’t stop you will never fail in your exciting journey.

decide your blog`s niche

I know you have taken some time to decide that now damn I need to start expressing myself online.
this is the first step you need to sit down in a spreadsheet and writing what maybe you are knowledgeable about, a new skill you have been learning, or just a within knowledge you have.

some of the niches you can start ;

  • fashion
  • travel
  • technology
  • business
  • sports blog
  • eCommerce
  • political blog

Many people end up starting a blog the old way of just writing about their day or how their night was. Nowadays blogs are informational where content is written in accordance with what searchers are looking for.

If you starting a blog to make money your passion doesn`t matter just take a niche that converts and people are really searching for information in that area.

you don’t need even to be talented in the niche but you can discover some of the hot topics that are trending and get on the bus.
and start your blogging career

purchase a domain and hosting

what is a domain name? this is just name that the visitors will be getting with by just typing in the searching box for example or maybe you can use your name.

your domain should be;

  • simple,
  • memorable, it should at least create some curiosity that your visitor will be willing to know more about.
  • avoid using things like hyphens, random numbers (but if you have to you use you can still use them)

Once you now ready with the name of your choice i would recommend you go with bluehost for your hosting.

It one of the best hosting companies and one of the recommended hosting companies by wordpres, it pockect and beginner freindly. Get started here.

start by installing a content management system

CMS is simply the system that you will be managing your blog from the backend and also the place to be posting your new post or adding new pages.

there are different content management system that you can choose from but in our case with a click of a buttons with bluehost you can have one of the best CMS and that is wordpres.

wordpress is simple to use and also it very much scallable ,you can customize your blog in whatever thing you might think of.
with other content management system you can still customize your site in whatever ways you might want.
let go with wordpress.

choose a theme and install a few simple plugins

A theme is a collection of templates, blocks, buttons, and style sheets that dictate how your blog will look or the beauty of the blog.
there is a number of themes you can choose from free themes to premium themes.

i would suggest when starting your first blog to keep it simple and also by avoiding much cost.
some of the places you can get themes like themesis,

once now you get your login details it now a chance to start customing your blog.
some of the theme you can use as a new blogger and most used and downloaded is ;
⦁ wp ocean
⦁ Astra theme

Any of this theme will give a look to your blog.

some plugging that you can install and bring some comfortablity to your site are like ;
⦁ wp rocket or w3 total cache
⦁ yoast and more

what are these plugins; these are files that just add up to the functionality of the site.
for example in your new house, you don’t have a tv set, you purchase one and you are able to watch Netflix or supersport the whole day, you add a refrigerator and you are able to keep your food and fruits cool, etc

That’s the work of the plugins.

Do keyword research

we started by deciding on the niche that we would love to write about. This was the first step and now it to check what people are looking for in that area lets you are in the health niche.

the same niche we choose in accordance with our experiences or even built-in knowledge that we may possess.
the importance of this step is to check what people are searching on, on the search engine in accordance with our niche.

This step also helps you discover what your competitors are also writing about and also the keywords there are ranking for.
this is the step you should look into by even spending some dollars just to be able to get the best of this.
some of the tools that you can use to do keyword research are AHREF or Semrush.

compel awesome content

Now after having a list of what people are looking for, kind of a list or even a spreadsheet of what is been researched,
now it time to start compel great content that converts.

what I mean by converting is to write content that in the end will bring some income.
nevertheless, if you write quality and quantity of content with ads you are promised approval and you in for dollars

promote your content

Now you have your content which is up and running on the web.
i will start by asking you to install a plugging called grow by mediavine.

This plugging will you also by promoting your content which you will be assisted by the visitors of your blog where there will just be clicking and sharing to anyone or any social media platform.

sharing and promoting your content on social media helps ypu also get more traffic to your site and this triggers google and helps yout content rank higher on google.

some of the best social platform to join are like Twitter,instagram,linkedl,pinteresr,facebook and any other.
you can also just add your url on your social profiles and you will continue adding more visitors to your blog.

how to get more traffic to your website been controversial
2.keyword research hot topics
4.position yourself as an expert
5.guest posting
6.create your fun club

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