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Chaka ranch is a perfect getaway for leisure and adventure lovers in Nyeri County.Some of the activities that can be carried out here are like but not limited to,

1.Tug of war

2.Paint gunner games

3.Obstacle racing

4.rock climbing

5.bubble soccer etc.

Chaka ranch environment is decorated with manicured lawns and collection of pines,acacia trees making the environment luxurious.

Most interestingly is that the rooms here don`t have Tv access to provide the visitors with ample time to interact hahaha so my friend go ahead and have a visit to the Ranch.


Its natually a haven for game driving and a bird watching escapades.It`s located along nyeri -nyahururu road taking an area of approximately 750km sq .

some of the activities that can be carried out here are like drives

2.nature walks

3.mountain climbing

4.wildlife viewing

5.camping etc

Its located about 100km north of Nairobi and west of Mt kenya in central highlands.It home of over 250 species of birds such as plovers,eagles, animals such as Boboons,african lion,leopards and many others


It`s a Rhinos sanctuary.Rhino been one of the big five it one of the animals protected here and this is one of the tourist attraction here.The ranch covers 17500 acres of land,it 2km north of nyeri ,

it plays a major of breeding of rhinos in Africa


Located on the nothern side of Nakuru it one of the single largest surviving volcano in the world.

It is surrounded by lush forest and protected by Kenya forest service. Some of the activities that can be carried out include view point for lake Nakuru,caves, mountaining biking ,picnic sports,birding ,etc


Visitors in the park can enjoy mountain climbing ,rock climbing,a natural spa etc

Animals in the park the likes of African buffallo,zebra,eland,thomson’s gazelle are the most common and over 100 birds species.Temperature ranges from 20-300 c and rainfall from 200mm – 700 mm, Two rain seasons: Long rains – March & April & short rains – Nov/ December and it occupies an approximate 68 sq can carry Drinking water, picnic items and camping equipment if you intend to stay overnight.
Also useful are: binoculars, camera,

1.MT kenya wildlife conservancy
.Amazing place where you get to witness the true beauty of nature and some of the most beautiful animals I’ve ever seen.
2.oljogiwildlife consevancy

The reserve is home to roughly 5000 large mammals including the Big 5, the worlds largest population of endangered Grevy’s zebra, and significant numbers of other endangered animals. The core focus of the conservancy is is a private owned conservancy

some of the activities that can be carried are the like of
Big 5 game viewing & animal rescue centre
Horse riding & scrambling vehicles

Waterhole hide accessible by tunnel

Spa, gym, heated pool, cinema room & tennis court

Views of Mount Kenya

French in-house chef & garden ingredients


This an ideal place for family especially been near kongoni camp
some of the activities that cna be carried out here include but not limited to
forest walks ,game drives.bird watching,canyoning,water falls.tree canopy walk etc


Many tourists visit Lamu for just a night or two, but it’s definitely worth a longer stay if you have time. The main thing to do there is go out on the sailing dhows on trips to other islands, snorkelling spots, other villages around the coast of Lamu, fishing trips, sunset cruises etc etc.
lamu museum
Located on the waterfront next to the town jetty, it is the second largest building in Lamu old Town after Lamu Fort.
matondoni village
f you want to know more about the craft of Lamu’s world famous traditional dhows and how it is made then this is the place for you


Narok is located in Kenya with (-1.0783,35.8601) coordinates and Nairobi is located in Kenya with (-1.2833,36.8167) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Narok to Nairobi is equal to 68 miles which is equal to 109 km.
Some places you can visit

masaai mara national park

it was established in 1961,and mostly known for the transverse of the wildbeast as they head on to Tanzania
occupies an aproximate area of 1510km they are over 70 hotels that you can book a space with and have some place to relax. other places you can visit in Narok are Mau forest,Narok museum.mara naboishi consevancy,mara triangle

this goes without saying ,Mombasa is famous for its beaches, world-class beach resorts, and it’s historical significance. It is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and is the second largest city

If you dream of visiting a beach destination where you can spend a few indulged nights in a stunning beach resort and spend your day lazing around the beach, you should visit Mombasa. The city is a hip spot for beach lovers and it boasts some of the beautiful and best beaches in the world such as Diani Beach.

It has more than enough and affordale hotel for one here places you can also visit once in mombasa Marine National Park · Mamba Village Centre · Fort Jesus · Mombasa Tusks · Bamburi Beach · Haller Park · North Coast …

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