best places to visit and hang out in kirinyanga

kirinyanya county

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This list gives an outline of one of the best places to visit in kirinyanga county as by publishing of this article. The headquarters of kirinyanga county is Kerugoya which also one of the developed town in the county.

It has an estimated population of more than 600,000 people.

Kirinyanga is blessed to have two rainy seasons of july june  and December. It is mostly a wet county throught the year and you will always find it green.

Kirinyanga it main economic activities are agriculture, businesses and livestock keeping.

It one of the place in the republic of kenya where you can get fresh air which is not much polluted.

Now let dive into  the list of  best places thet you can hang out with your friends , family, schoolmates or your loved ones in kirinyanga county.


1.bridge of god (ndaraca ya ngai)

This  is one of the puzzling place that exists in kirinyanga county where the locals like calling it Ndaraca ya Ngai eaning it a God made bridge.

Sometime it looks odd considering that many people only say Chinese contractors building bridges across the country.

Like other bridges in the world this bridge was made by God and it is not explainable how it exists.

This is the only bridge in the world with such a uniqueness ,other unique bridge that many people know about is the famous The great wall of china which acts as a both a wall and bridge.

This bridge in kirinyanga Is located along Embu- Nairobi highway .

Some of the things you can see here are the caves used by the Mau – Mau worriors as hide out.

 As you head here have a stop over at one the biggest rice producing scheme in kenya that is mwea and buy a kilo of rice. hahaha


bridge of God

2.kamuruana hill

This is another cool place that if you are new here and maybe you don`t know the direction everyone is familiar with and you can get direction from anyone.

The hill is covered by Cyprus trees which gives it a good shape and shade that one see from a distance as you approach it.

The people around are very much friendly and you can have your lunch or breakfast at one of the local hotels or vibandas.

The nearest town to the hill is Kagumo or Kerugoya town where you can do your shopping for snacks or any other time that you would want to have as you go up the hill.

Going up or down the hill is slipperyand this where the fun begans.

Some of the activites carried out here include prayers on the weekends or throughtout the week, Young and old go up the hill for hiking and also photoshoot.

If you are lucky enough on your next visit to the hill you might watch a live movie been acted here .

On the other sides of the hill you can have an opportunity to see waterfalls around and also you can swim on one of the rivers around with prenty of water.


courtesy of princess school Sagana visit to kamuruana kenya castle

I didn`t know before of such a castle in kirinyanga county. The only castle that is most known by people mostly is the lord Egerton castle located in Nakuru. Kirinyanga is blessed to have a castle of it own kind located in the centre of the forest.

  The place is surrounded by rainforest and numerous waterfalls all around and by just entering the places and walking around most of the sounds comes from the waterfalls.

It is a perfect getaway for teams, family, couples or individuals.

some of the activities that can be carried out here include swimming , horse riding, nature walking ,bird watching and photography.

Accommodation is offered here on cottages and rooms at your budget.

The picture below shows the swimming pool located in the castle at the centre of the forest.

Some of the other swimming pools that you can enjoy yourself been there like the Roswam hotel locted in kerugoya, nice digital ,star wood garden and more that you can have a road trip and have a view.

mt kenya castle

4.thingira village

This village is located along along nyeri-Nairobi highway near the Makutano junction .

It near a semi-arid area of rocky environment. Established to preserve and educate people from the Mt Kenya region mostly known as the NGEMA.

It has traditional homesteads that usually were used by the grandparents in the past years.

It is an awesome place for learn about the cultures of agikuyu, Aembu and Ameru.

This is also great place to watch birds, having been located in a rocky place it also an opportunity to involve yourself in rock climbing , camping and cycling around the village.

thingira village

5.rapids camp

This another awesome place that mostly welcomes anyone who has no fear in water activities.It one of the leading adventure in kenya located in Sagana township.

On the entrance you will be welcome by top staffs who are fun in interacting as the place is also full of fun. Rampids is full of all types delicious  food that one would to order.

Some of the activities carried here zip lining, water rafting, bird watching, canoeing and more activities that you can carry out with your team and friends you meet around.


rapids camp

6.timstep camp

It one of the spectacular hotel located in kirinyanga county at sagana town along your way to Nyeri.

It an ideal place for couples, travelers or even for honeymoon. This hotel has cottages , camping site and water sports that you can involve yourself in as you enjoy your stay here.

Your stay here will make use of adrenaline as you experience take part in water rafting and swimming

timstep camp

7.mwea scheme

This is one of the largest rice farming scheme located in kenya and eastern Africa. This where most of the rice that is eaten and most towns comes from.

The area covers over 40000 of acress of land. It is located in kirinyanga south.

This is a nice for get away with friends and family and have an experience of how rice is grown and harvested.

Here you can get an original rice from the farm which is good for your health.

mwea scheme

8.ragati consevancy

This  conservancy covers an area of 5000 hectares just near Mt Kenya forest one of the highestr peak. It is all green and one of the unique conservancy in kenya.

Home for elephant, buffalos, monkeys,Leopards ,birds and many more.

ragati consevercy

9.the nyamindi river

Nyamidi river is one of the river drain to Tana river. It has much water that all originates from the the mount kenya draining to the Tana river.

This is aplace you can visit with your friend but just be aware ,it comes with great force that it can sweep you anytime.Many people have lost their lifes from this river which is also very deep.

Rivers in kirinyanga have much waterfall and just been here you will be able to see several falls.

ragati consevancy

10.sagana gorge/cayon

This is another place that is not mostly known by the people of kirinyanga and the world at large.

In kirinyanga there gorges that are amazing and unique. These cayons are one of the places that are not much explored.

For your first to be here you will have all your eyes opened for this cayons are welcoming worth a road trip to kirinyanga.

As we head here don’t go here alone ,it best for groups or just a group of friends that you might have.

This a good place for even actors or musicians that would love to have a video shooting here. There are no charges yet it a free entry.


sagana cayon

11.jagwani camp

Located in Sagana along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway. Jagwani camp offers tented camps which they beds  that enables you to enjoy views of the falls located at jagwani camp.

Other activities that visitors can carry out here like swimming for those who want to relax in the water. The natural swimming pool receives it water from numerous waterfalls around it and it a safe place for your swimming experience.

Been at Jagwani a unique activities that is carried out is bonfire that you can enjoy the warmth of the fire as you take your drinks with friends or family.

Other activities like fishing, camping, kayaking, archery, and also nature walk with new faces but it a safe place to visit.

jagwani camp

about kirinyanga

Kirinyanga is one of the blessed county in kenya receiving enough rainfall yearly. This been the case the main economic activities in the county is agriculture and small businesses.

As you have your road you will see so many locals selling by the roadside and this your opportunity to buy fresh fruits, vegetables from the farm.

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