Best places to hang out in Nairobi

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Nairobi is the capital city of the Republic of kenya and the largest with both the population and wealth.

It is the only city in the world that is green, within the equator and  it boast of having a national park within. This makes Nairobi a unique in the world.

This is most tourist love mostly where they dont need to travel much before they have their first experience in been in kenya.

Some of the parks around Nairobi like the snake park, Nairobi national park, mamba village and more.

1.Ngong Race Course

It is located along ngong road and this is the places where big horse races takes place in Nairobi. It was opened in 1954 where it replaced the old racecourse in kariaokor.

This is one of the place most Nairobians have a hang out on the weekends as there have their drinks.

Ngong race course brings more attractions like the Ostrich racing where the races happens on alternative Sundays.

If you also love to play the golf you can get an opportunity to meet with some of the golfers in kenya.



ngong race course

2.imax movies

imax movies

This is also a nice place where couples or even those dating tojust have an experience of a movie as your enjoy your day.

Imax brings the latest movies at a go. You can book a sit at one of the IMAX in kenya at the Garden city mall.

3.bowling at the village market

I mean Bowl at the village market you heard it right. This is a very exciting game at the village market ,it doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or not. 

It a fun game for both the kids and adults.

As you head your way there make sure you get there early to avoid a long wait on the line to play the game too.

Guys on the weekends and holidays keep flocking here to just have a taste for the game. Its just a good place to network and meet new game lovers.

4.go for a safari walk

It`s is located off langata road just 7km from the city center.

You can get an experience in bird watching with a cool air that comes from the tall trees from the park, photography and team building with your peers.

Other attractions that you will be able to see include Ivory burning monument, large predators like cheetah, leopard, hyena and lion

5.karura forest

This forest is located in Gilgil just down from the city bustle and hustles. You can have a visit here and get a little bit of fresh air rom the forest.

This place is such exciting for it withdraws you from the noisy and busy Nairobi. This is one of the serene environment that you can do things like horse riding, having a walk within the forest, mountain biking or team building.

There are also pretty of waterfalls that you can have a look at or have your photography take one for you.

If you come as a group make sure you atleast  plant a tree to save the environment.

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karura forest

6.panali hotel

This is one of the hotel that you have a great lunch or supper with your loved ones.

The best of all is to visit the Ice skating chambers that is usually very cold and it advisable you carry on your warmth clothes.

There is the cost to incurred for a session in the chambers and which is inclusive for renting the shoes.


panali hotel ice skating nairobi

7.kenya riffle club

Many people only see shooting on a movie or even in a live attack but did you know you can have a live shooting ?  Shooting has now been taken as sport by many Kenyans.

Holding a gun ready to shoot might seem dangerous at times because most of us only see it at the movies.

To join the sport there there are rules to be followed just like there are rules in every game.

The cost is about 5$ for students with an ID and 10$ for regular peopleand then you will have to incur costs for protect yourself in the game.

If you want to ejoy and have a great experience in the game you need to be atleast a registered gun holder and atleast have a legal gun.


kenya riffle club

8.kenya national archives

Its is located at the busiest, loudest avenue in Nairobi that is the Moi avenue and opposite Hilton hotel. It will cost just just 50bob for Kenyan resident and 200bob for non-resident to enter here.

Here you will see African art and crafts, old traditional furniture, traditional attires across all diversity of cultures in kenya. park

The park is located at the Nairobi CBD famously known (The Bomb Blast). It was built in the rememberance of the August 1998 bomb blast which was the  American Embassy.

They is a small fee to be paid to visit the museum depending on whether you are a student, resident or a non-resident. It is in a small room where you will see the wrecked structures, afterwards you can watch a documentary about bomb blast events.

10.the masaai market

This is another very exciting place that is worth visiting and having an experience on. This market goes around the city in different days of the week.

Monday: no market

Tuesday: prestige plaza

Wednesday: Capital Centre

Thursday: Junction mall

Friday: Village Market

Saturday: High Court car park in the city centre

Sunday: Yaya centre in Hurlingham

Check if there haven`t moved.


This open air market you can buy all sorts items and gifts at one place but be ready for a serious  bargaining.

If the seller hesitate on the price and big NO comes just know this their livelihood and you might decide to go with their price.

Here you will find all kinds painting, jewellery, woodcarvings of which many are made by local artisans. Find Masaai shukas, rings or bangles at the same place.

11.go up kenya international conference center

This is the most recognizable building in the city. It one of the longest building located in Kenya and  a landmark for Kenya.

It`s one of the leading meeting and conferences in East and central Africa.

With just a small fee you can have a lift to the top of the tower and get one of the best view for the city.One of the popular spot for visit for people in the upcountry.

12.visit giraffe manor in Karen

Giraffe manor is also a great place to visit located in Karen and it a nice place to spend with your family and friends as you feed the giraffes which very friendly.

Note that they is a small fee to paid for entry as low as 2$

13.visit the elephant ophanage in langata

Many of us mostly have heard of children orphanage , at different places in the our country. On the other hand animals are also sometimes left ophanade after maybe they siers die.

For example in our homes or even our neighbours you may be have heard of cow after siering it not able to stand and may later die or even sold for meat productions that is the scenario in our homes.

If you take the scenario in the wild this animals are on their own and there have to take care for except for themselves.

Any of the wild animal might be hunted or die along the journey before their young ones survives and is  able fight on it own on the field.

There are so many animal orphanage of the wild animals but here we gonna focus on the elephant and the rhino.

It was started by Dame Daphne Sheldrick in the memory of his husband who was  a ranger at the Tsavo National park.

As you always visit the children orphanage as you visit the Nairobi elephant orphanage come with a gift.

14.learn the history of kenya at the bomas of kenya

In one or two cases I know you have heard of certain cultures like the kikuyu culture, Swahili culture from the coast, the masaai culture, the Turkana culture and more than 60 cultures in kenya,

if you want to learn all about this culture have a visit at the Bomas of kenya and get a simp of the Kenyan culture.

The centre was created to educate, protect me and you to be able to appreciate and respect each of persons culture regardless of where they come from.

15.splash water world

This is one the Nairobi waterest place  with slides of pools and swimming pools. This is one of the funniest place to be while in Nairobi.

Here you are to play with water like never before but if you hate water just avoid it. The place of fun, you can head on to camel and horse riding and other exciting enterning options in the same place.


16.ngong hills

Ngong Hills has gained it popularity recently after the attack of the covid-19 in kenya. To maintain social distance many people opted to have some hike to the hills.

The same to the gym enthusiasts who have changed they way staying fit and getting out of they sometimes monotonous  aerobics, Yogo or weightlifting and have decided to have hike on the hills.

Have a visit at Ngong hills and meet other travel enthusiasts where they come for team building ,family gathering and more.

17.uhuru park

Uhuru park is located in the city center of Nairobi. Uhuru means freedom and during the colonial rule this the place that our forefathers would be tortured if they go against the colonial government.

This is a place especially on Sundays there are a lot of people from families, children, team buildings and many other groups.

Here you will find things like ice cream vans around or even taking some rides at the manmade lake.

Don`t fail to have a hang out at Uhuru park everyone knows this place it only you.

Void visiting this place after dark but it not always.

18.the village market

This another awesome place to have a visit to especially if you want to do some shopping.Some other places I would recommend for your shopping is The Hub in Karen.

Here you can literally find anything that you would like. From entertainment, cultural foods, designer clothes or even furnitures.


the village market

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