best loans apps you can try in Kenya

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thre are currently like 49 loan apps in kenya with mshwari leading the list which is mostly associated with safaricom kenya.

this is the most preferred way of saving and also for applying for loans in kenya by most kenyans.

most youths and especialy the college students always thanks the advancement of technology for most of them cannot lack something on their pockects while over 50 apps are there for loan application.

Most financial lenders have seen Kenya as the only opportunity that that they can take an opportunity and lend instanst cash where at the end ,they also take profit once the loanee has repaid.

35% of kenyan digital borrowers use digital credit to meet day to day activities ,households needs while like 40% do this for business reasons.

1Zenka app

Zenka app is one of the best loan app in kenya in was awarded the best realiable app for loan applicant.

Zenka app gives you an opportunity to have and receive amount ranging from 5$ upto 300$ .

Zenka app gives you opportunity to have the loan and have a repayment loan of 61days.

how to get a loan from zenka app

1.go to playstore and download the app.

2.start the application and choose the loan you want.

3.sign up by filling the details needed like your name,date of bith,your ID

4.Enter a 4-digit number

5.Read the terms and conditions and click agree. will receive a 4-digit verification code insert and login and apply as you wait for approval.

You can also register for a loan from Zenka using this USSD Code *483*101#. 

2.Tala app

It was formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi. It is a product of Inveture which was founded by Shivani Siroya who is also the current CEO.

It was launched in Kenya in 2014 and it gives loans from 1000 kenya shilling upto 50000 kenya shilling. It one of the most known app in kenya by most young people.

3.Mokash app

This app offers high loans from sh2000 upto sh10000.

The repayment period goes from 90 days upto the longest 1 year.

The app gives an interest rate of upto 36% per annum

When the loan will be due, payment can be done from just within the app. You can pay in full or instalments.

if you need help for mokash

~contact them on the menu of your account

~mokash mobile number~ 0715 106 124

~ Go to 6th Floor Kose Heights, Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani, Nairobi.

4.KCB Mpesa

you can apply this loan anywhere anytime and receive it in the your safaricom line in your mpesa account from as low as 100.

Your can take multiple loans within your own limit

how to apply for a loan at kcb mpesa

A.. go to mpesa menu and click loans and savings

B. click kcb M-pesa

C. click option three

D. request loan

5.CBA Loop loan

CBA Loop a product of Commercial bank of Africa launched in 2018. It is a digital banking service that helps you manage your money better right from your phone.

That means you skip queues, red tape, and all the monotony that comes with conventional banking.

6.Okash loan app

The first thing you need to do is to download it on playstore or appstore.

Follow the simple steps and create an account with Okash.

Requirement or qualifications

~First of all you need to be over the age of 18 years and actually possesing an identity card

~be registered safaricom suscriber

~also grant the app access to your phone data.

Okash loan gives upto a limit of a minimum of sh2500 upto sh50000

7.Kashway loan app

This is another bank in your pocket where you can just pull it up on the internet and have some cash instant.

how do i get loan from this app?

After downloading this app at playstore ;

  • Launch the app by registering with a safaricom registered number.
  • apply for the loan you need
  • Repay it on time and get a credit score of amount ksh50000.

how to pay the loan at kashway

  • go to your mpesa menu
  • Once they choose lipa na mpesa option in the menu
  • next you need to click Paybill option
  • In the field paybill type 900068

8.ipesa app

Ipesa is also another app that you can apply a loan which is safe and reliable way.

it one of the leading app in kenya in providing financial lendering and also getting alot of positive reviews if check your google playstore .

iPesa belongs to the Osome Fintech Company, which is based in the country.

how to apply for the loan

  1. Go to playstore and download the app or Appstore
  2. launch the app by registering with your mpesa number
  3. apply for the loan of your need and wait for the approval
  4. Repay on time and get a limit of sh50000


This is a new banking product for Mpesa users thats allows them to save and also borrow money through their phones while earning an interest on their loans.

A fee of 7.5% of each loan applicant is applied.

To quailify for this loan you need to be a safaricom subsciber and ofcourse be an active Mpesa user for atleast 6 months to qualify for the loan.


Branch is a Facebook linked service that allows users to borrow and repay small loans through safaricom mobile payment Mpesa.

Application for loan start from Ksh500 upto ksh50000

11.Utunzi ventures

it is a micro-lender in kenya that provide quick and affordable loans ranging from ksh250 upto ksh100k .

It was started in kenya in the year 2008 .It takes a repayment period of minimal of 91 days and a maximum of 36 months for the repayment,

For every succesful repayment the company takes in 12%.


It is a loan application that was launched by Absa kenya.It was meant to target young proffessional hustlers in getting easy and simple loans to either start or kick off a bussiness enterprise.

To get Timiza app go to play store or appstore click download and install ,configure a few settings and wait for approval.

For one, you need to be an active M-Pesa subscriber for at least six months preceding the date of application of the Barclays Timiza Loan. 

Next, you need to ensure that you have been undertaking transactions on Barclays Timiza.

Furthermore, to increase our chances of getting your loan request approved, you need to have been actively using other Safaricom services prior to your application of the loan.

13.Haraka loan app

This micro loan app owned by GetBucks,a South African registered lender,that gives loans to users via mobile transfers like Mpesa ,Airtel Money.

Their loan ranges from as low as 5$ upto 50$

14.Saida App

Next on the list is this loan lending app which you have to meet some requirement for you to get approved,

One should,

1. have been using your phone to make calls ,send messages and how you use the mobile money transfer. should be 18 years age and above

3.have a smartphone with Saida app installed

4.have frequently used money transfer services in the past 6months

After you have the app fill few account details like your name,date of birth,ID number and more details

Visit your playstore and download the app and configure some of few settings and apply for the loan of your choice.

What you need to know about this apps;

what you need to know about this lending institutions

They are no collatell to apply for this loans

they are very convenient

apply anytime anywhere

Before you apply for any mobile app make sure you read there terms and condition ,especially if are in kenya where data protection is not taken serious because this affect later when you might have a dispute with any lending institutions.

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