Best 9 photography cameras for beginners

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Taking pictures has become a new norm in major towns especially from the young people in the world. Many of this people come together to experience photo taking together.

Most of this persons have smartphones which they use to take pictures and most probably one camera they are all using. 

Taking pictures is one way to remember  some memories and you had visited ,later in life.

Best camera to use come with ready made guide on the screen that can help you take a shot while still been guided . what you need to do is to just turn on the guide mode

1.Generic 1.3 mega pixel interpolation

This camera is one of the cheap camera in this list with extravagant features.

This is an interpolation camera with 16.0 megapixels, it has 2.4 inch TFT.

it support white balance on it with a battery powered by lithium.

You can record a video with this camera of   up to 1280*720 pixel with a built in flash memory flash of 64MP


2.Generic polo Sharpshots AF 33MP

It comes with an auto focus AF function which has three lens, this lenses have 0.5 times .This camera support max 33mp photography and 1080 pixels 30FPSF HD, in  video shooting it has a built in flash light to shoot in darkness.

Other advantages to this camera is 720FPS VGA mode with a press and release trigger also with LCD clean view.

With less than 200$ you can have this camera.

3.Sony dsc-h300

This camera has a powerful 35x optical zoom. which makes your pictures beautiful. Has a very comfortable handling posture making you shoot  and record comfortably.

High speedy in recording more than 25 frames per second, it also removes blemishes on the main character and also giving it blur-shot.

4.Nikon coolpix b500

Nikon is a good piece to taste and one of the best Nikon in the market which is also very cheap with 16mp low light. It first first gives you an impression with an cutting edge specifications. It very light to carry around and gives you a catch to everyone and everywhere you go to.

Has a camera sensor that takes images that look extremely sharp and bright. Has an optical zoom of 40x and 2x dynamic fine zoom. It also very easy to connect to bluetooth ,wifi and it is also able to transfer faster to other media.

Has multiple setting that can make your work easier and enjoyable, you can modify it setting the way you like backlighting, beach, height landscape ,photo effects, white balance, and more which you set according to your way of taking pictures.

5.Generic Jozqa hd d7100

This is another powerful Generic type camera for any beginner who want to start in photography witth only 35k you can get this.

One of the best things about it is it wide angle lens that come with it. Has a focal length of 10cm an has the biggest image resolution and video of 19200 x 1080.

Comes with a memory card of SD card and also has a external flash, it sesitivity is auto and also has a white balance and a HDMI portal on it. eos 4000d

This camera comes with a interchangeable lens that you can whenever you taking your pictures. It rear display is a 2.7 inch display L.C.D.

Has  a simple to follow guide as you take your pictures so you don`t have to worry of it hardness to to understand it faster and do it settings. It clean and durable to serve for many years as you would expect from this camera.

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