best 6 places to hang out in Nakuru

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Nakuru was considered one of the fastest growing city in Arica by the U.N .Around 90s` Nakuru was the cleanest town in africa but as per now port Luis the capital city of Mauritius but it also clean. Nakuru is also an educational center with so many institutions making way to Nakuru. If you decide to go to Nakuru you can never lack somewher to sleep and have a good night. Let go deep into some of the places you can visit and have a good time in nakuru.

1.lord Egerton castle

This is another ideal place and very much interesting. Imagine as a man you build your girlfriend, wife to be or whatever you like to call her the kind of houses five combined houses in Karen and at the end,

she says the rooms are too large and she leaves you, imagine all the energy, millions spent importing the raw materials from wherever Italy, Canada, name it.

Buying a land worth more than 200 acres  just for you and her and last she refuses your proposal… that is the scenario of the lord Egerton castle, it painful emotionally, financially, technically, weatherly knowing the land is a fertile land, etc

This castle is located 15km from Nakuru town. Egerton university is the custodian of this place and it is opened to any kind of visitor to the ground.

Once you visit this place, there are do`s and don`t in the environment. Cars at first are parked very far from the environment and there are not supposed to step the landscaping this land.

Littering is also not allowed in the environment and much noise is minimized.

2.Kariandusi museum


Kariandusi it not only the only a museum but it also the largest producer of diatomite in East and central Africa found in kenya. It is located 2km to the east side of Lake Elementaita, resting on the Nakuru-Elementaita basin.

Some of the hotels you can stay in and enjoy your stay at kariandusi museum-like white Thorn Cottages.Serville Lake Eementaita lodge, Sentrim Elementaita Lodge, Elementaita Country Lodge,

if you like camping you can have your stay at Oasis Eco Camp and many other hotels according to your budget.

If you wanna know history have visit at Kariandusi museum.

My friend take or look around and see detergents, soaps, bricks, tiles, toothpaste these are fear uses of diatomite.

3.lake naivasha

When anyone mentions Naivasha what comes to many people is flower farming or what we call in agricultural terms as Floriculture. Flowers are one of the grown plants in around and besides that, there are other exciting things in Naivasha.

It is blessed to be with the only freshwater lake in the region. Most of the nairobians head to Naivasha for their picnic so it just an awesome place to be.

Lake Naivasha is blessed to be with many types of birds that flock from all over the world as they come and settle in Naivasha. lake Naivasha is an ideal place for birds all over the world as they migrate from different parts of the world

Lake Naivasha becomes their final destination. Lake Naivasha has no crocodiles but so many hippos along its shore.

There are flamingos in lake Naivasha. The two types of flamingos found here are the greater and flamingos which can be seen.

The greater flamingos are seen with their red bill, blacktip, and a deep pink plumage.

The lesser flamingos are seen with a pink bill and a white plumage.

There are other wild animals that you can see at lake Naivasha just have a hangout.


4.lake bongoria

This lake is famous for it geysers and hot springs along the bank of the lake. Many people go to this place with different types of food like eggs and boils them on this hot springs.

This is the most exciting thing in this lake of water coming from the ground hot. It one of the lake that is rich bicarbonate in the world.

The best time to visit is when there many flamingos and that is between August and October which is sometime not predictable but all the years there are flamingos around.

Some of the things that you can do in lake Bongoria is like flamingo watching;

The sight of having thousands of pink flamingo glittering allover.

Cycling can help you have great way to appreciate the diversity of land, boil an egg and many others.

5.hyrax hills

The hill lies in the middle of the great rift valley just 4 km from Nakuru town. It is 150km from Nairobi.

It was discovered in 1926 by Louis Leakey, in the museum, it shows the lifestyle of those seasonal settlements by the prehistoric people.

Hyrax hills/museum is one of Kenya’s key archaeological discoveries in Kenya.

you can experience beautiful moments with your friends as you head onto the hyrax hills bushes and seeing and touching as many tortoises as you can.


6.hells gate national park

This is another super awesome place to hang out with your people. It scene includes the towering cliffs, stark rock towers, scrub-clad volcanoes and the belching plumes of geothermal steam make it one of the most atmospheric parks in the world.

Some of the wildlife you can enjoy viewing include African buffalo, eland Thomson`s gazelle, antelopes, and like all types of birds are the most common ones.

The best time to visit this place is during the dry, sunny season or just follow your weatherman but just avoid it during the rainy seasons because you might go to hell.

which place have you visited or would like to have a visit in Nakuru?

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