Best 10 towns to visit in Kenya

best places to visit in kenya

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Kenya been one of the most famous country not only in the eastern Africa but also Africa and beyond.

Many people from all over the world are looking forward for a visit and stay in this country. We will go deep and explore some of the best towns to visit in Kenya.


Some of this towns have one of the best social amenities like security, recreations amenities, security, the weather, and so on.

This  towns also you can have an opportunity to own land if you are just considering a place and a town where you will have a peace of mind.

These towns are also best for travelers and those who love long distance road trips.

These towns you can also be able to start and run a business smoothly.



Nakuru is one of the biggest towns and recently upgraded to city status. It one of the cleanest and the best town in the rift valley and also in the Eastern Africa.

Nakuru is one of the largest town in the rift valley. It is also the capital for Nakuru county. It is estimated to have a population of more than 2 million people.

This is one of the counties that has all language groups in one Town. Some of the places that you can visit like lake nakuru national park, Hells gate, Menegai crater, lake naivasha, and many more places that you can discover here.

It also a very favourable place to start and run business and also you can practice agricultural on the place.


This is one of the target that many visitors from all over the world all dream to visit the coast line of Eastern Africa. It’s the second city of Kenya and one of the best towns you can visit.

Some of the best places that you can visit while in Mombasa town like Mombasa marine national reserve, Haller park, fort Jesus, Nyali beach and many others.

Mombasa is a good town that you can also start a business like hotel business, rental houses, and recreational services around for new visitors in the town.

This is one of the hottest town in Kenya and at the same very cold sometimes. It good to wear light clothes especially during the day when it very hot.


Lamu is one of the county that is located in the coastline. It is located in the northern part of the coast. It one of the smallest county in the coast.

It has a population of almost 200000. Some of the places that you can hang and visit like Lamu museum, dodori national reserve, Takwa ruins, the fort of Shela, Lamu museum and many other places.

It also a good place to start recreational services like restauraunt, traditional dresses, local beers and more.


Nyeri been one of the towns in the central region is one of the best place for agricultural purposes. Nyeri as  county , it main town is Nyeri town which is one of the best town in the central region.

Nyeri is neighboured by kirinyanga which is a good county with towns like Kerugoya, mwea where you can visit, settle and run your business.

Some places that you can visit in Nyeri like Italian war memorial church, solio Ranch, Rhino watch sanctuary, aberdare national park and many more.

Nyeri is one of the best places to settle especially if you have a family. Rentals in nyeri range from 5000ksh for bedsitter and more for more space.


Nanyuki is a town that is located in laikipia county. Nanyuki town is mostly known for been a gataway for mt kenya national park. If you want to see the big five visit this town.

Nanyuki is one of the town where the railway ends at a place called mwisho wa reri. This is the place Nairobians visit on their weekends always.

Some places that you can hang out here in  Nanyuki like the mount kenya wildlife conservancy, the mau caves that were used by the Mau Mau worriors, the equator market and more other places.

This is also a good place to settle down where lands are cheap for settlement.


Meru town is located in meru county and it is also the head quarters. It is mostly known for Miraa farming which is much farmed as a cash crop in the region. Meru is ever green and sometimes receive heavy rainfall.

Some of the places that you can visit here in meru like the Meru national park, Meru national museum, lewa wildlife conservancy, devils bridge waterfall and many others.

Meru is also a good place to settle where there are plenty of land to buy.


Kakamega is a town located in kakamega county and it is the capital. Kakamega is one of best town in kenya mostly known for it having the crying stone. People get curious and really want to know how a stone can cry.

Some other places that you can visit in this region include the the kakamega forest, the malava forest, the roster mines where the the mining of Gold takes place, the crying stone and many more.

Kakamega is a county located in the western part of the republic of kenya.


Eldoret is a town located in Uasin gishu county. Eldoret is one of the most populated town in kenya as per 2019 census where it stands as the fifth.

Some of the places you can hang out here in eldoret like Rupa mall, high altitude training centre iten, twiga rsort and many more places.

It a good place to settle and start a run a business. Many rentals here start from 5000ksh for a bed sitter and the price continue to rise as you get more space.

This is also a good place to start a real estate in the near-by towns.


Naivasha is a town that is located in nakuru county. Naivasha is mostly known for growing of flowers. Naivasha has one of the biggest lands of flowers in kenya.

Naivasha is one of the places where people go for they vacations either family or a group. It has one of the best hotels in the region. Naivasha has fertile lands for Agricultural farming and thus becoming one of the town that you visit and live here.

Most parts of Naivasha are well connected by roads, thus it a good place to settle. Most rentals here go from 5000ksh above depending on the space you want.

Some of the places that you can visit and hang out here include lake Elementaita, crater lake, lake Naivasha, Mt longonot, Hells gate national park and more. It is only 2hours drive from Nairobi.


Nairobi is the capital city of kenya. This is one of the most known city in Africa. Nairobi is one of the growing city in the world in day to day. Nairobi has one of the best accommodation and conference centers in the region.

Some of the towns within Nairobi that you rent like huruma, kasarani, rongai, parklands, roysambu, utawala and many other towns within.

Some of the places that you can relax here in nairobi include Karura Forest, Fairmont Norfolk hotel, Imax theatre and many more.

Some of the top tourist attraction like  Nairobi national park, giraffee center, and others

Which of this is your best town that you can recommend other to visit or which is one of your best that has not been included in the list.

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