best 10 business students can start today.

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College can be a great opportunity for any student to explore his entreprenuership skills. According to Forbes magazine most of the business today were started by college students while still in school.

You don`t have to be perfect inorder for you to start your business. Some of the business that are most ignored and later become productive and profitable are outlined in this article.

some of this business require little to no capital to get started in. This business require little time and mostly done on your free time , hoppy or during a picnic with your friends.

Starting a business while still in school gives you a bigger advantage to others as it open up your mind to the real world.

If you aspire to be an entreprenuer one of your days it important to start now and you know what now means now. As an entreprenuer you don`t wait till everything is perfect, start with what you have.


student, woman, startup software installation

If you are proficient with some basic computer installation this can be a business that you can start in. Many students who are in college, many of them are technophobic. If you are aware of this petty installation like installing things like Microsoft office, photo editors, zoom and more you can create a business and charge a small fee to install for anyone.

2.been an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable businesses that any student can start today. An affiliate is you who markets other peoples product or services and once there buy or use the service or product you earn a commission.

You can market the products or services through social media platforms or even just having your own blog

Some of the affiliates that you can join are like Amazon affiliates where you market anything from Amazon. There are so many affiliates that you can join depending on what you like best.

If there is any company that you like and like their products, you can decide to apply and wait for the approval.

3.become a virtual assisant

Been we are in the internet age there so many online business that are been started everyday. some of the gigs that you work in been a virtual assisant like graphic designs,been an adminastrator of an organisation and many more. Places to get this gig of been an virtual assisanr like upwork,freelance or just do simple google search.


This is an act of checking a written document or a script whether it contain spelling mistakes or editing mistakes and correcting it.

Proofreader are many and saturated but there always in demand. There are so many writing forums looking for proofreaders and if you can apply you can get your chance in.

Over 7 Milion blog post are published everyday and in this cake you can get your chance in it. Besides post there books that also require proofreaders. You can get this gigs in online platforms like Fivver , Upwork and many more.



There are so many networking companies in Kenya and also in the world. Before joining any networking company is to check the registration of this company either from global stardards or even locally.

Check the time the company has been in the market .

look for a company that has the products that you love or services, get a referall and get to work.

some of this companies require a little capital but it worth it once you get the skills to connect with people and also recommend your friends to it and build a business on your free time.

6.testing apps and websites

This is another way to make money fast. As the technology continue to advance there so many online platforms that are been developed.

There apps and website that are been used in may it be online payments, online shopping that the owners need to be tested to check any problem with them.

some of the website that you can just sign up and join the global testers in like usertesting.

This is another venture that it getting it popularity recently. If you like taking pictures this could be your venture. You don`t have to a camera with just a good smartphone like an Iphone you good to go. If you have some money you can go ahead and buy a good DSLR camera.

With a little creativity and peoples skills you can.


photographer, camera, photography

8.dancing and modelling

This another venture that is very much lucrative if you love it and taking some time to practice.

Dancers can be taking by roadshows advertisers just to catch the attention from the public and thus there product get to be noticed.

Modells on the other hand if you with moves that can move people you can get gigs to advertise gigs on newspaper or even magazine .Some models go ahead and get  modelling gigs abroad.


9.cyber services

In most colleges and university there will always be demand for photocopies or even internet services.

If you are a student you can identify this opportunity and what you need is only a laptop, photocopier machine and internet access.

If you provide this services in nearby school you can make some cash out of this side hustle.


Blogging is another venture that you can start while still in school. You can decide to start a your blog  on a free platform and you can decide to go on a paid platform.

You can write about anything that you are familiar with any that you are learning and with no time you can start making some cash.

Some of the topics that are high in demand currently like mental health, making money online or any other niche that you would love to start. blogging

video blogging is another way any student can get started and make some extra money online as a business as a student.

creating  a youtube channel or any other video sharing platform is free and some are premium. You can make some money creating videos.

Just a little bit of creativity and hardwork you can plant today and in a few months you making some cash.

12.jewelly maker

If you like making things from scratch as a student this can be your venture. If you can do some simple research an d be able to know where you can get some beads you can make alot of money in this.

Get beads of diferent colours model them and sttart marketing them around and also online you can make a brand in this.

All this business takes time to actualise them to reality. Some start a business and if they don`t see results in the first two months they give up when they were nearing break through.

Choose any of the business or  any you might have and keep working on it ,keep showing up and don`t give up. which business are you about to start or already in?

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