8 ways on How to make money with cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency has been on the rise recently after covid-19 struck the world. People have been searching for how to make money with cryptocurrency everywhere and make an extra income.

Recently is the rise of one of the crypto coins by the name etheriem which raised from 100$ to over 2000$ with a period of six months. many people have ripped big in this percentage appreciation of the coin in a short period of time.

In 2020 alone, more millionaires were made by just buying and hold without doing any work. There are so many coins that are coming to the market on daily basis and are still on the rise.

This coin has been at the center of attention from everyone everywhere. It is good to purchase crypto from reliable persons or platforms to avoid scammers who only want to have your cash from your pocket.

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and on its early stages so you should not invest everything you have but if you have a risk appetite you can and sometimes reap big returns.

How can we really make money with crypto I will dive into 8 common ways that I and you we can take advantage of.

1.trading cryptocurrency

Online forex trading can be in different assets. Cryptocurrency is another that traders trade on daily basis either as day traders or swing traders.

Trading crypto is by you as trader speculating the movement of price within a short time period and keeps in small profits or losses.

To go into the market you have some skills and skills to be able to trade these coins on day to day basis.

There are so many other coins that you can trade. You don’t have to focus on all of them. The best way is to focus on a few coins and master their movement.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile assets in the financial market, but the prices of crypto once they start bullish there all bullish.

When the coins start to bearish they all bearish. The thing is there all move in the same direction.

If you have good capital or bigger purchasing power you can profit big from this market.

2.buying and selling

Another too, to earn with crypto is by buying from those who are willing to sell their coins and afterward don’t be in hurry to sell them.

Many people are selling to their coins to take care of their small bills. This is like an investment where you just buy for a long-term goal. Prices of coins sometimes go high and low.

Many people seeing prices going low fear losing their investment this is called a retracement where after prices soar high so you should not fear losing your investment.

3.getting involved in smart contract

Smart contracts are just coming to the market recently and are just testing of time.

Smart contracts are other way that one can get into and make money from this industry.

The most recent contract is forsage ecosystem that works in a decentralized way where nobody controls it.

Even the owners of this contact are equal participants to everyone else who might join.

Smart contracts are also good ways for one to make money but you should go and invest everything you have, invest what you can lose comfortably.

Decentralized platform is that nobody even the government can stop but it can only be improved , but nobody even even those who started can stop it for it is using blockchain technology.

If you would want to join a smart contract you can contact the page.

4.been affiliater

What is affiliate marketing? Many people don’t know how affiliate marketing works, and this is the reason many don’t take advantage of them and there are so many that one can involve in.

This is a form of business where one is able to recruit people through links provided by the company. Affiliate marketing works best for people who manage social media pages, those with blogs and youtube channels.

You can create tutorials on these platforms and when people understand they can join and that is how you are compensated by the company.

If people ask how a certain investment how it works refer them to your blog or channel and ask them to create an account with.

5.been a cryptocurrency writer

Another way on how you can make extra cash from cryptocurrency is by been a writer if you are very conversant on how this industry works. You can write for popular platforms and get paid.

You don’t have to be perfect to start writing what you need to do is to read a lot and do enough research to have well-researched content that also has searched intent.

6.go ahead and start mining

If you have enough monetary power mining coins is one of most costly to make money from this industry. Mining also require a lot of electrical power for you to start.

Mining is painstaking and it takes time for one to reap some profits from it.

Before you invest your time and money you need to consider a small research before you invest to many scammers on the ground who are just after your hard earn money.

Many of this companies who come with so many appealing bells and whistles to seduce more and more people.

7.take cypto as a form of payment

I believe everyone may know other forms of payment like cheques,  cash, mobile transfers, bank transfer etc. these are some of the common transfers that many people use.

Accepting crypto as a form of payment can also help you some income from crypto. Accepting crypto as a form of can make you earn some income in two different ways…

A.by holding  B.by asking for extra fee from the clients

Once the crypto are sent to your wallet you are able to hold for a long term and also selling them at an extra cost.

what you need to do is to have a wallet of choice like trustwallet and then display your address at your place for people to use it.

8.you can buy and sell crptocurency

Buying and selling crypto is another that you can make an extra income from it. Now, how do you sell? How do you still buy?

The price of crypto is always on it high and low every now and then. You can decide to coins when they are low and later sell them when high and vice versa is true.


Buying and selling crypto is another that you can make an extra income from it. Now, how do you sell? How do you still buy?

The price of crypto is always on it high and low every now and then. You can decide to coins when they are low and later sell them when high and vice versa is true.

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