4 Best roof boxes and things to consider for travelers

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1.how often you use it

The usability of the roof box one other thing that you can consider before buying one.

some people prefer to use their roof box to be used only on weekends while others may prefer to use them only on a certain occasion or even the month.

Why you should consider this is, some roof boxes have difficulty when it comes to fitting and always unfitting them from the roof if this might be the car that you have going to work and going for a trip.

Before buying one consider how easy or hard it to fit one considering how often you use it.

2.consider the cost

The cost of buying and fitting a roof box all depends on the owner, the material, the colour and the dealer that one may have bought from.

Some materials which are costly may be durable than others with lower cost. The cost also goes around the security of the box.

Some cheap boxes may have low security compared to the ones with higher prices.

Some dealers have higher prices more than others depending on the class that they put themselves. The colours of some roof boxes may also influence the change of price.

Depending on the colour that’s each person loves this may make the prices rise.

Each person has a different colour like, yellow, white, black, blue, and any other colour that one may be having. 

3.simplicity to access the items

For a newbie to roof box, one might see it as a huge task that one may not be in a position to handle. Roof boxes come with different simplicity and hardness and it all depends on the user and also the cost.

operating or opening a roof box is very simple to use and with time everyone is able to handle the box comfortably but at first, some roof boxes are not easy to handle at ease.

4.the weight

The material making some roof boxes might be heavier than others while others might be lightweight.

The weight of the roof-box also will affect the car speed and gas. Some people prefer a lighter roof box and some a heavier one all this depends on the type of the car and also the preferences of each person.

Considering that some roof box which might be lighter may not be in a position to hold some items and vice versa.

5.its capacity

Am sure no one would want to carry some items and leave others just because of the capacity that it can hold. some roof boxes have a bigger capacity while others have a smaller capacity.

some of the roof boxes with the bigger capacity have higher prices while those with smaller capacity have lower prices.

All this depends on the material the roof box is made of. The bigger roof box might have a cheap material making it cheaper or vice versa.

6.the aerodynamic of the box

I know the word aerodynamic is not new to you. The first time I heard about aerodynamic its when I was in high school during the physics class you remember.

sorry if you didn’t get a chance to do it. In biology also I know some terminologies during the study of the fish ‘streamlining’

I know you got it now. The car that you are traveling with also depends on the car design to be able to cut the air very first as you enjoy your offroad.

There are so many sleek roof boxes that you can choose from and they may help you with the gas cost and also the speed of the car. A roof box that’s has good aerodynamic also is able to stay firm on the roof.

7.its dimension

Dimension is also another factor that you can consider when choosing your travel roof box.

In the end, one may want to have a roof box that can be able to have all your belongings and the special things that one may want to carry with to their desired destination.

Some of the things that one can carry like the skating kit, swimming kit, golf kit, and more according to different personas.

Some of the roof boxes might be much bigger and thus there may not be able to enter some buildings or roads.

In simple terms is that the bigger the box the more items that one is able to carry along, while the smaller the box the more it easy to fix and you will be able to carry fewer items and the ones that you need to carry along.


8.security of the box

Of course, this is hardy for anything that is worth using the hard-earned penny. Anything that is worth is good to have security for it.

If after having it on the car that you travel with and it easily snatched then it not worth it.

Most roof boxes come with racks that make them secure on top of the car. Security for this roof box can also be in terms of the hardness or the softness of the box.

Some boxes may be better during the cold and some are better during the warm or sunny seasons. All this depends on the need and your location.

Some of our 4 best picks that you can consider purchasing.

1.Thule pulse rooftop carrier

This is one of the most expensive roof boxes that you can get on the market. This roof box gives you room to store everything that you would carry on with your friend and family.

Why is it the best? It can open on both sides and it helps you pack and unpack things easily and everyone can do it.

On the side of security, it is able to grip the car rack tight and it cannot shake. It is also streamlined to help in gas and speed of the car.


2.MIDABAO car top

This box is a water proof box meaning going to the rain while your items are packed it will not be of any stress been rained on.

it has easy mounting and thus of no stress to anyone installing it. Been made of polystene it one of the soft roof box in the market.

3.sportrack horizon box

This box is mostly made for sport car as the name suggests. Many people prefer to install this because of it aerodynamic design.

It comes with free tools for  easy installation. Also with easy access on both sides. It security  is very tight with a lock on both sides and the racks that comes from the box. 

4.Inno cargo roof box

This also a small box that is aerodynamic. Most of these small boxes fit small cars like Volkswagon, Benz, Subaru`s, etc. It has enough space for you to carry the items that you want with your friends and family.

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