13 ways on How to make at least 5$, 10$ and above daily online &offline

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Making money has been one of the most searched words and many people tall or short are looking for ways to make at least 5$ to 10$.

There is so many side hustles that people can do and atleast make 5$ on daily basis on their free time or full time.

There are other so many ways that one can do to make atleast 5$

1.go sell coffee

Another way that can also make you make at least 5$ on a daily basis is by going out and selling coffee to people in town or market places.

With a packet of coffee and a thermos with good capacity and some snacks, you can walk around town during peak hours.

Within few minutes you will be back to your house with some dollars.

2.working in a construction site

Construction sites also pay very  well ,it doesn’t matter whether you are casual labourer  or the masonary you can make atleast 5$ on the daily basis.

This work requires some energy so you need to prepared to carry some heavy weights.

3.selling mitumba clothes

The best thing about this way, is that there are very cheap clothes that you can buy from local markets in towns afterwards taken them outside the town and you will have to make some profits.

Been cheap and affordable clothes makes people look for it. They also very affordable to like everyone.

4.start a blog

Starting a blog is another opportunity for you to make some few dollars on a daily basis.

This is one the ways that you can make money passively. What you need is a blog site either self- hosted or free domain.

A blog and youtube both uses the same platform and all the same and you are able to make atleast 5$ on a daily basis.

You can choose on what you love most either creating videos or writing and be consistent in you content creation.

It may take some before you are approved to some of the famous and simple to join to display ads or be an affiliater.

5.try betting

Betting is another that you can try but it is not guaranteed that you will win the bet. Some of the most known betting platforms and leagues like the premier league, laliga, and all european or local leagues.

Other ways that you can bet like playing pool table and more.


6.start selling smokies/stall

Selling smokies is another option that can also help you make some dollars on daily basis. 

what you need here is a stall and a trolly that you can be going around with selling fast foods.


This is another side hustle that you can encounter and market yourself to make some dollars from it. You can market yourself once you see that you are consistent.

This is an act of rereading and collecting spelling mistakes that may have been done while writing your first draft. With the increase of content creation either written or video, there is an opportunity for proofreaders.

They are platforms that market job opportunities to people like Upwork or Fiverr the most known.

8.become a uber driver

This is another way that can make you atleast make 5$ and more depending with the day. If you have your own car this hustle can be good for you.

You just need to create an account with the Uber driver app, create your profile. After some time you will be approved and you will start receiving calls from the people around you in the neighborhood business.


9.start a motorcycle business

This is one of the most common local businesses amongst the youths. To start this business you require some capital to purchase a motorcycle and also be aware of the common traffic rules.

If you don’t have enough capital you can take a loan from a reliable dealer with a deposit and you are good to go.

With a good location and having a community, you can also make at least 5$ on a daily basis.

10. online retail trading

This business is not for everyone. You can make a lot of money with this business but also you lose a lot of money from it.

To join this business you need a lot of skills and practice to be able to analyze to be able to know when to buy and sell.

To start this business you require just an internet connection, a laptop, reliable skills, and strategies.

11.join a network marketing business

This is another business of 21st century that is booming on daily basis and people from different background are joining it. Anytime you decide to join a network marketing you need to have a strategy that you should implement afterward.

Some of the things you should have are your why of joining?

Do your research on how long the company has been on the ground.

Take seriously the training offered by the company and get to work.

Network marketing you are not guaranteed of the earning 5$ it can be more or even less depending on you action.

This is also an opportunity for you to make a few dollars from.

12.smartphone repairing

A solution to one problem it`s   also creates another problem.

When the phones were changed to smaller version that was the beginning of another opportunity that created more jobs for anyone who had noticed.

This is also an opportunity that you can take make atleast 5$ from the comfort of your home, your place of work,  or at part-time.

Smartphone repairing requires you to have some skills like electrical to be able to repair this mobile phones.


13.become a consultant

This is one of the best paying high income that you will be paid forever. Becoming a consultant you just need the skill that you and market it to people.

At first doing consultant is very hard but with time your name will be very familiar the people. The best thing about consultant is that you can also do it at a part-time basis as you also do your normal job.

You also need to stay focused on one line of your expertise on what you love or knowledge about to make stand out from others. This is also a good way to make 5$ daily o your part time basis or even part-time if you don’t have a full time job.

Choose a sector or what you have expertise in focus.

14.become a freelancer

This is a very wide area where everyone can be able to enter. With any skill or experience that you may have been a freelance is way also that you can use to make at least 5$.

Platforms like Upwork and fiver can help you market your skill by just creating an account with them and with time you will receive clients in your inbox. Any skill like writing, coaching, etc can be your way of making some dollars.


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